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But it seems these men have been plotting against us for a very long time. They funded Luke Castellan's war. They supplied aid to Camp Jupiter when the Romans attacked Camp Half-Blood. And despite those two wars, the Triumvirate is still out there-still plotting. What if this company is the root cause of...well, everything?

Apollo explaining about how the Triumvirate have been behind everything, to Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Chiron, in The Hidden Oracle.

The Princess Andromeda, a cruise ship owned by Triumvirate Holdings.

Triumvirate Holdings was an organization with three powerful individuals who are said to be the three worst Roman emperors. They have forced others to worship them, which helped them gain their divinity. Currently, all the three members are identified, Nero, historically considered to be one of the worst emperors of all, Commodus, who resided in Indianapolis and Caligula, Nero's "kinsman".[1] Triumvirate Holdings profits off events such as the Second Titan War and the Second Giant War. They are said to "own so much property and have so much money they make Rachel's dad's company look like a kid's lemonade stand." The logo is said to be a golden triangle on a field of purple. It is unknown what happened to the company after the Great Imperial War.


The company is said to have existed in the shadows for centuries. During the Second Titan War, Triumvirate Holdings supplied Luke Castellan and his allies with the Princess Andromeda, weapons, helicopters and top human mercenaries. Then during the Second Giant War, they aided Octavian, the former augur of Camp Jupiter, with six extremely expensive Cyclopes' built onagers. They have many plans in taking over the world, but their main objective is controlling the five Oracles in order to control the future.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Mortal thugs Cade and Mikey were sent to beat up Apollo who was made human as punishment, but they were driven off by Meg McCaffrey, daughter of Demeter. Later, Apollo, McCaffrey and Percy Jackson were ambushed by Nosoi. They were defeated by McCaffrey's Karpos, Peaches, but were able to afflict Percy.

The Colossus Neronis attacking Camp Half-Blood

Later it's revealed that Nero, the Beast, took up residence in the same Manhattan skyscraper where the two camps tried to make early peace. He has kidnapped several Camp Half-Blood campers and intimidated Meg McCaffrey to get Apollo to open the doors to the Grove of Dodona so he can burn it as the Holdings had no way of controlling the oracle since it is the most ancient of the five. When Nero arrives through the Myrmeke's Lair with his Germani bodyguards, he attempts to burn the captive campers, but a group of dryads sacrifice themselves to save them. After that, Apollo puts some wind chimes he got from Rhea on a tree in the grove to save it as well as getting an arrow made out of the wood, yet Meg sides with Nero.

Camp Half-Blood was then attacked by the Colossus Neronis so Nero could have it as a new front lawn. It managed to destroy the Demeter Cabin, the Dining Pavilion, and even the barrier surrounding the camp. Percy Jackson  arrived with his dog, Mrs. O'Leary, to help. The automaton was eventually defeated when Apollo shot an arrow with hay-fever, with the help of Zephyros, into its ear causing it to sneeze its head off.

The Dark Prophecy

Apollo travels to Indianapolis with Leo Valdez and Calypso in order to restore the next oracle. They are almost immediately attacked by Blemmyae but manage to escape to the Waystation. Commodus, the New Hercules, is revealed to have taken the Throne of Memory from the Oracle of Trophonius and spread monsters throughout the whole city. He gets mad at his prefects Vortigern, Marcus, and Cleander for letting Meg McCaffrey get away and annoy him. So he had his new man, Lityerses, son of Midas, to kill them, take their place and stop Apollo.

Apollo and Calypso go to the zoo to free Britomartis' gryphons, Lit and several Germani are sent to stop them. They almost succeed until Meg arrives to save them. Later when Apollo, Meg and Leo search Commodus' lair under the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument after entering through the Canal Walk and defeating the Carthaginian Serpent, they overhear Alaric telling the emperor he put beasts that cannot be killed to guard the Cave of Trophonius. The emperor plans to kill Lit and replace him with Alaric despite ordering Lit to destroy the Waystation by tomorrow morning. After killing another blemmyae, the three release the prisoners: Olujime, Sssssarah, Hunter Kowalski, and Georgina as well as obtain the Throne of Memory.

Commodus' naming ceremony rehearsal

But then they stumble into the Lucas Oil Stadium in the middle of Commodus' naming ceremony rehearsal. The Emperor reveals that the Oracle of Trophonius said that if he destroys the Waystation and Apollo is sacrificed in the real games, he'll be able to rechristen the city as "Commodianapolis" and rule the Midwest forever as god-emperor. He unleashes monsters, animals and mercenaries onto the field causing Apollo and Meg to fight back. Commodus ordered them to stop before revealing a bound Peaches suspended in the air. He prepares to kill the Karpoi by setting him on fire using a train. Apollo rides Livia, the elephant, to block the car. Then he cut off the helmet she was wearing and Livia flung it at the god emperor, causing him to swerve off the track and roll and crash on the field while Meg freed Peaches. Commodus was about to kill Lityerses for letting them through but Leo arrives on Festus with the Thalia Grace and the Hunters of Artemis to save them.

The unkillable creatures guarding the cave to the oracle turned out to be Yales. They are endangered, Artemis and the other gods will curse anyone who makes them extinct, so Meg binds them with vines instead. Inside the oracle, Trophonius tortures Meg with memories of her past because she had inadvertently volunteered to be the petitioner for his prophecy. After Apollo gives her CPR, Trophonius asks them to let the blemmyae inside, who were setting up a bomb as a last resort to get rid of Apollo, destroy the oracle as it too exposed, unable to be defended, and he no longer wants to work for Commodus. Apollo does so but also tricks them into blowing themselves up allowing them to escape. Commodus' forces hold several of the Waystation resident's hostage while Olujime and Lityerses turn against him. Apollo miraculously unleashes his Divine Form causing Commodus to vanish and his forces to disintegrate. The prophecy Meg spits out reveals that the Holdings' third emperor is planning to attack Camp Jupiter on the new moon.

The Burning Maze

On their way to Palm Springs, Apollo, Meg and Grover Underwood are attacked by strixes. The birds of ill omen had direct orders from the emperor of the west, Neos Helios, to kill them. However, the trio manage to deflect them with strawberries and the sunlight that came in when the Labyrinth opened killed them.

When looking for Gleeson Hedge, Apollo and Grover go to Macro’s Military Madness where they meet Naevius Sutorius Macro, former prefect of the emperor. The emperor has banished him along his his former automaton troops for failing him so many times, they were replaced by human mercenaries, Strixes and Pandai. Macro hoped that catching the former god will get him back into the emperor’s good graces but is killed when Apollo reprogrammed them to self-destruct. However, Incitatus received a call from him before the store was destroyed, he went over to check it out but went back to the emperor when the police arrived. Having heard the emperor's full name from Macro, Apollo realizes that the third emperor, Neos Helios, is Caligula.

Medea and her sun dragons ambushing

After Piper McLean joined them, they went to the Hall of Records near Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles in hopes to find the oracle Caligula had captive, Herophile, who speaks in word puzzles. N.H. Financials, a division of the triumvirate, has caused Tristan McLean to go bankrupt and lose everything, people who were working for him like Jane were in on Caligula's plan. Down below, they encounter and battle Medea on her sun dragon chariot. She reveals that Caligula's plan is having her collect all the faded godly essence of Helios and the remains in Apollo to mix it all into him so he can become the new sun god. This resulted in flames popping all over Southern California causing droughts and wildfires killing dryads and satyrs, it's been referred to as the Burning Maze.

Caligula's palace is fifty expensive super-yachts linked together. It occasionally stopped at Stearns Wharf so Apollo, Meg and Piper went there on the new moon after getting Jason Grace. They managed to retrieve the emperor's original caligae but Incitatus catches them and takes them to the emperor. Apollo nearly commits suicide so Medea can't extract the essence from him, before that happens a Pandos named Flange informs Caligula that the attack on Camp Jupiter that night has failed, Jason uses Apollo's injury as a distraction to break himself and Meg free of Medea's Storm Spirit trap. But then Jason Grace is killed by Caligula via duel, his ventus horse, Tempest helps them get to safety.

During the battle, a Pandos named Crest abandons the triumvirate to help the heroes. He tells them that the closet entrance to the heart of the Burning Maze is in a bear pit at the Griffith Park Zoo. Apollo wears the caligae they got and solve puzzles to get to Herophile. The puzzles turn out to form a prophecy that tells of Apollo dying in the tomb of Tarquin, the last king of Rome, unless somebody opens the doorway to the "soundless god". But then Medea appears and begins to finish her spell for Caligula. However, Piper McClean shows up with the Meliai, warriors that Meg's father, Phillip, wanted to bring back before Caligula burned down their home, Aeithales. Apollo takes Herophile's place and begins spouting words to complete the prophecy, this allows Piper to kill Medea and Helios can rest in peace. Meg realizes that the words Apollo spouted are an acrostic that make up "Bellona's daughter" meaning Apollo will need the help of Reyna Ramírez-Arellano. On their way out, Incitatus and Pandai attempt to kill the heroes. They failed and got killed themselves, but not before revealing that Caligula is currently sailing towards the Bay Area.

The Tyrant's Tomb

Hazel, Apollo, Meg, and Lavinia spying on the forces of Tarquin.

After the Burning Maze was extinguished, Caligula met up with Commodus to continue the assault on Camp Jupiter. As an extra measure, they teamed up with Tarquin to allow his undead forces to swarm New Rome. When scouting out Tarquin's Tomb, Apollo, Meg McCaffrey, Hazel Levesque, and Lavinia Asimov learn he is working with the emperors and is after the Sibylline Books.

Less then a week later Apollo and Meg go on another quest to Sutro Tower to free the soundless god. They manage to free him and the Oracle of Cumae, however by then the emperors reach the Bay Area and the fighting breaks out.

Things start to go the emperor’s way at first, but the tide turns quickly in the favor of the legion. Ultimately, the battle ended in a defeat for Triumvirate Holdings, with both Caligula and Commodus being killed in battle as well as Tarquin being taken out by Diana, leaving Nero as the sole head of Triumvirate Holdings.

The Tower of Nero

Nero uses the power of the Oracle of Delphi to know when Apollo and Meg McCaffrey are coming back to New York City. When they “escape” his forces, he tells his followers to be ready to destroy the city if the two do not surrender to him in forty eight hours. It's unknown what happened to Triumvirate Holdings after Nero's death, but it's possible that the company ended for good or was left in a very bad and weak state since all of the three leaders have died.

Known Members


Demigods and Legacies






Demigods and Legacies





  • This is only the third existing Triumvirate.
    • The first triumvirate consisted of Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Pompey the Great, it was formed during Caesar's election for consulship allowing him to win. It went well until 49 BC when Caesar crossed the Rubicon river resulting in a civil war between him and Pompey, it didn't help that Crassus was killed by the Parthian army at the Battle of Carrhae four years prior. Caesar defeated Pompey at the Battle of Pharsalus and became dictator in 44 BC. Pompey retreated to Egypt and was killed at Pelusium by Lucius Septimius.[2]
    • The second triumvirate consisted of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, Marc Antony (or Marcus Antonius), and Octavian who would later be known as Caesar Augustus. It was formed to punish the conspirators who assassinated Julius Caesar, all three of them were loyal to the late dictator. But soon the triumvirate broke up when a civil war between Antony and Octavian began, the latter won and the former soon committed suicide. Lepidus was accused of a revolt in Sicily allowing Octavian strip him of his offices sans Pontifex Maximus. This alliance soon marked the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire, Augustus was its founder and very first emperor.[3]
  • The Triumvirate Holdings is the first antagonist group to have employed beings not strictly tied to their own mythology of origin. The Yoruba demigod, Olujime, having been a gladiator in the service of them and Harpocrates, the Ptolemaic god of silence, being their prisoner.


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The Trials of Apollo
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