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Uloopi ("OOH-loo-pee") is the queen of the Nagini and a member of the Council of Guardians.


Uloopi saw Arjuna by a riverbank performing his rituals while in twelve years of exile. She thought he was cute so she pulled him inside so they could travel together. After offering his rites to the fire in the Naga Realm, Uloopi confesses her love to him, they marry and have a son named Iravan. Pleased by Arjuna, Uloopi gifted him with being invincible underwater and communication with all sea creatures, but he had to leave to fight in the war against his cousins, the Kauravas.

Later, Uloopi learned that the gods foretold that Arjuna would be killed by his own son, King Babruvahana. He pleaded with her father, King Kouravya, an enormous black cobra with a football-sized ruby on his forehead, but he refused. All men die eventually and Uloopi has already given Arjuna many gifts despite only being her husband for one day. Uloopi still begs for the jewel that will save his life so she could snatch him from the Kingdom of Death. Kouravya bowed, but said that the jewel was actually from her own forehead. Her father revealed that without her jewel, she would age and become vulnerable among the immortals of the naga, she will also not being to tell if someone is lying. However, Uloopi arrived at the battle where Babruvahana killed his father anyway. She put the emerald on his chest causing him to breathe again. But when Arjuna came to, he looked at his current wife that was beside him instead.

Sometime after all of the Pandavas have passed on for real, Uloopi was in the sea with Takshaka, the blind guarding king of the naga treasury originating from the Khandava Forest. He notes that Arjuna did not return to her like he warned her, the Pandava could also be a monster instead of a hero. Uloopi refused to believe that Arjuna would leave earth without returning her precious heart. Takshaka promises that he will tell her when he found and Uloopi, unable to tell that he was lying, called him a true friend.[2]

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Aru Shah and the End of Time

Uloopi's name was seen on one of the thrones of the Council of Guardians in the Court of the Sky.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

       Uloopi is present when Aru, Mini, and Brynne are presented to the council. She doesn't trust that Aru didn't take Kamadeva's golden bow and arrow, since she can't see into her mind, so she tasks them with finding the golden bow and arrow in ten days time, or else their memories of being Pandavas will be wiped, their Pandava souls will go dormant, and they will be banished from the Otherworld forever. Then, when Brynne protests, Takshaka merely laughs, and asks her if Uloopi was being unmerciful. Uloopi states that she has a great grandson Aru's age, to Aru's surprise. The council, Uloopi included, then decide that Boo can't go with them on their quest, and Aiden Acharya takes his place.  


Uloopi is bold and defiant. Her love of Arjuna does not transfer to his latest reincarnation of Aru Shah. She wanted to banish her from the Otherworld forever as she was absolutely convinced that she stole Kamadeva’s bow and arrow.[3]


Her tiara

Most Otherworld beings appeared eternally young, but not Uloopi. Her bronze skin was shriveled and her mouth had a hard set to it as if she forgot how to smile. Somewhere mid-torso, the woman's human body melded with that of a serpent. On her head, the naga woman wore a tiara of moonstones and aquamarines.

But before she lost the huge emerald on her forehead that glowed with an unearthly light, Uloopi's hair was strewn with less shining gemstones.


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