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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom) or the UK is a country in western Europe, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh, the capital city of Wales if Cardiff, the capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast, and the capital city of England is London, which, as the largest of the capital cities and the seat of power, is the capital city of the United Kingdom.

The Kane Chronicles


Ruby Kane was born in London to Mr. and Mrs. Faust. After Ruby's death, Mr. and Mrs. Faust fought Julius Kane for custody of Sadie Kane and won. Sadie then lived in London with her grandparents for the next six years.

The Red Pyramid

Julius and Carter Kane come to London on Christmas Eve for one of their twice yearly visits to Sadie. While there, they visit the British Museum where Julius Kane blows up the Rosetta Stone.

Amos Kane later visits the Faust residence to convince Mr. and Mrs. Faust to let Sadie to come with him and Carter. After defeating Set, Sadie leaves the United Kingdom behind and settles in to Brooklyn House.

The Throne of Fire

When Sadie goes to visit them and her friends Liz and Emma in London, she finds that Mr. and Mrs. Faust are unintentionally hosting Babi and Nekhbet, the baboon and vulture gods, who proceed to hunt Sadie and her friends across London until Bes scares them away.

Flag of the United Kingdom.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

While sailing to stop Naglfar from setting sail, the crew of the Big Banana sail up the River Oure before three of them - Magnus Chase, Alex Fierro, and Thomas Jefferson Jr. - explore York in North Yorkshire.


  • The current British royal family, the house of Windsor, are descendants of the Scottish royal family through Robert the Bruce’s line, with a link to the house of Tudor via the marriage to James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor, who‘s grandson James VI & I of the United Kingdom.
    • In addition to the current royal family being descendants of both the English and Scottish royal families, they are also descendant of the German House of Hanover due to George I of Great Britain being born in what is today Germany. He was selected to be king due to being the closest living Protestant relative of Queen Anne (Catholics are barred from the line of succession). Up until the marriage of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, all British monarchs from George I to George V, excluding Edward VIII, married and had children with ethnic Germans with Elizabeth II being the first British monarch since Queen Anne to be of notable British ancestry, over one-sixteenth British, in over 200 years
    • Most British Royals are descended from other royal families in Britian. 
  • The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain, which consists of England, Scotland, and Wales, and of Northern Ireland, an area in the upper region of the island of Ireland the houses most of the island’s Protestants.
  • Lots of towns, cities and states in America are named after places in the UK, specifically England.  
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