The United States of America (also known as U.S.A., U.S., the United States, and America) is the current home of Western Civilization. It declared its independence in 1776 from Great Britain to be the first democratic republic that is modeled somewhat after the Roman Republic with heads of government that are separated into three branches of government - executive, judicial, and legislative. Its history as a country has been affected by the actions of Greek and Roman demigods, such as the Civil War and World War II. The current president of America is Donald John Trump.

Camp Half-Blood Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

In all five books of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the United States of America is the center of the power of civilization followed by the Olympian gods and known as Western Civilization. Manhattan, a borough of New York City, is the location of Mount Olympus in the United States. The exact location of Mount Olympus is the Empire State Building. In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Mount Olympus is on the supposed "600th floor" of the Empire State Building. Many of the locations of Greek mythology have also moved with Mount Olympus and can be found all over America. Some of these locations include the labyrinth, Sea of Monsters, and the den of the Lotus Eaters (dwelling in the Lotus Hotel and Casino). The main entrance to the Underworld has moved to Los Angeles, CA in the DOA Recording Studios. The Titan base has moved along with Mount Olympus to the top of Mount Tamalpais in San Francisco, California.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena and The Blood of Olympus have chapters set in the United States. In The Lost hero the characters are in the Grand Canyon, Long Island, Detroit, Chicago, Omaha and Northern California. In The Son of Neptune The characters are in Canifornia, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. In The Mark of Athena the seven go from San Francisco to Utah to South Carolina before heading to Europe. In the Blood of Olympus Nico, Reyna and Coach Hedge shadow travel from Puerto Rico to South Carolina and are taken by Pegasus to Long Island.

The Trials of Apollo

So far, all books are set in the continental United States. The Hidden Oracle is set in the New York Metropolitan Area, New York City and Camp Half-Blood in Montauk. The Dark Prophecy is set primarily in Indianapolis and the Bluespring Caverns in Indiana. The Burning Maze is set in Southern California with Palm Springs and Los Angeles being the most common reoccurring settings.

The Kane Chronicles

The U.S. appears in all three books, In The Red Pyramid, Amos Kane takes his brothers children to New York City. Later Carter Kane and Sadie Kane teleport to Washington, D.C. from Egypt and travel cross country to Phoenix. In The Throne of Fire The Kanes are at the twenty-first nome. In The Serpent's Shadow The Kane's and some of there students goe to Dallas to warn them of Apophis' attack then go to Brooklyn House. They later visit Thoth in Memphis. Carter and Zia Rashid go on a date in the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Boston, the capital of the state of Massachusetts is the main Midgard setting of the series and the most recurring setting in Midgard.

National Symbol

The national symbol of the American government is the Bald Eagle, which coincides with the golden eagle, the symbol of Zeus.

Ancient Greek locations moved into America

Greek Location American Location Purpose
Mount Olympus Empire State Building Location of Olympus
Mount Etna Mount Saint Helens Prison of Typhon (formerly)
Mount Othrys Mount Tamalpais Home of the Titans
Lotus Tree Lotus Hotel and Casino Trap of the Lotus Eaters
Sea of Monsters The Bermuda Triangle Body of water heroes must enter on their quests.
Crete Most of the underground U.S.A Labyrinth
Cave of Trophonius Bluespring Caverns The Oracle of Trophonius


  • While not the official language, the United States is the most populous English speaking nation on the planet.
  • The United States is one of three countries to not use the metric system along with Myanmar and Liberia. All three use the imperial system.
  • The border between Canada and the United States is the longest land boarder shared between two countries.
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