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Hello <insert name here>! I am a debater and Percy Jackson fanboy

Favorite Character

Percy Jackson

Favorite Ships

Percabeth (Best developed ship in the series)

Frazel (super cute)

Charlena (Super sweet, hope they're reunited in Elsyium)

Clarisse/Chris (Clarisse needs someone like Chris, they're really cute)

Gruniper (Really cute)

Brason (Love story of the ages. Brick loves Jason with a passion but Jason finds brick too agressive. Jason doesn't know how to accept his feelings properly)

Magnus/Falafel (They can't live without each other)

Ok Ships

Solangelo (needs more development)

Zarter (nothing special)

Jeyna (It's ok, I feel like they would be too serious together)

Perachel (Not bad, Rachel was manipulative to Percy though)

Walt/Sadie (Nothing special, ship it more than Sanubis though)

Thaluke (They had some chemistry in demigod diaries)

Jack/Riptide (Jack loves Riptide but she doesn't return his feelings)

Stapler/Jason (Jason's love of his youth. His kiss was returned by attack, though Jason still remembers Stapler and loves it dearly)

Bad Ships

Pipercy (Piper thinks he looks unimpressive and Percy is never attracted to her)

Pipabeth (I see it as a friendship

Lukeabeth (Age gap is insane... how can you ship this?)

Caleo (Rushed, Calypso is 3000+ years old, and people say it's toxic)

Jasper (Built on lies, Piper even charmspeaks Jason)

Percy/Reyna (Reyna is too serious for Percy)

Megpollo (I think they have a sibling-like relationship)

Sanubis (Sadie's constant fawning over Anubis was annoying and took away from the story line, Anubis is also many thousand years old)

Percico (Small age gap and Nico is too serious for Percy, he sees his jokes as juvenile)

Jason/Percy (I like them better as friends, Percy seems too straight to me)

Thalia/Percy (Thalia is a hot head who would try to kill Percy)

Favorite Books of Each Series

PJO- The Last Olympian

HoO- The Son of Neptune/ The House of Hades

TKC- The Red Pyramid

MC- The Sword of Summer

ToA- The Hidden Oracle/ The Tower of Nero

Ranking of the Seven in Power (including Nico and Reyna)

Percy (Easily has the highest power feats in the series- Shaking Hubbard Glacier and Destroying Mt. St. Helens)

Jason (Could probably one shot or at least incapacitate some of the demigods with his lightning bolts)

Nico (Can insta-kill when mad)

Hazel (Mist and gem control)

Frank (Amazing shape-shifter)

Leo (ok fire control)

Piper (charmspeak is broken but easily countered)

Reyna (Her powers are good when fighting in teams)

Annabeth (…)

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