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Poseidon and his unpredictable nature is a recurring idea in PJO and HoO. Whether through his own statements, statements from other characters, or Percy's inner monologue—this theme is brought up throughout the series.

The first mention of it is in the very first book, The Lightning Thief.

"But-" I stopped myself. Arguing would do no good. It would very possibly anger the only god who I had on my side. "As ... as you wish, Father." "A faint smile played on his lips. "Obedience does not come naturally to you, does it?" "No ... sir." "I must take some blame for that, I suppose. The sea does not like to be restrained." (TLT).

Percy later echoes this in the final pages of the book.

"For the first time at camp, I felt truly alone. I looked out at Long Island Sound and I remembered my father saying, The sea does not like to be restrained. I made my decision. I wondered, if Poseidon were watching, would he approve of my choice? "I'll be back next summer," I promised him. "I'll survive until then. After all, I am your son." I asked Argus to take me down to cabin three, so I could pack my bags for home."

Percy uses his father's words to help him decide whether to stay at CHB during the summer or go back to school, eventually deciding on the latter.

Another example of this is shown through Percy, Poseidon's son.

During a dream, Thalia and Percy are both trapped in straitjackets. Thalia looks at him and says 'One of us has to get out of here'. Percy agrees, and thinks 'I'm going back to that cavern. I'm going to give Hades a piece of my mind.' He goes into the cavern, only to stumble across something else.

"Peace, little servant. Our six months have bought us much. Zeus’s anger has grown. Poseidon has played his most desperate card. Now we shall use it against him. Shortly you shall have the reward you wish, and your revenge. As soon as both items are delivered into my hands . . . but wait. He is here. What? The invisible servant suddenly sounded tense. You summoned him, my lord? No. The full force of the monster’s attention was now pouring over me, freezing me in place. Blast his father’s blood—he is too changeable, too unpredictable. The boy brought himself hither". Impossible! the servant cried. For a weakling such as you, perhaps, the voice snarled..” -The Lightning Thief.

Despite Kronos's servant insisting it is impossible for Percy to be here, Percy was able to bring himself there regardless and listen in on the conversation. Kronos credits Poseidon with this, saying it makes Percy too changeable and unpredictable.

This fits into Poseidon's line of him not liking to be restrained. Percy isn't supposed to be there, but his will overcomes that.

Here's another example of this being shown through Percy. In Son of Neptune, Percy and Frank are put in a tank specifically designed to control demigods. The water refused to respond to his commands, either enchanted or under the control or Phorcys (a minor god). Yet despite this, they still break through.

"Frank turned to human and shoved his shoulder against the glass. The coach did a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick with his hoof. Percy used all his strength to slam the marble into the wall, but he did more than that. He called on the water to obey him, and this time he refused to take no for an answer. He felt all the pent-up pressure inside the tank, and he put it to use. Water liked to be free. Given time, water could overcome any barrier, and it hated to be trapped, just like Percy. He thought about getting back to Annabeth. He thought about destroying this horrible prison for sea creatures. He thought about shoving Phorcys’s microphone down his ugly throat. Fifty thousand gallons of water responded to his anger.

The glass wall cracked. Fracture lines zigzagged from the point of impact, and suddenly the tank burst. Percy was sucked out in a torrent of water. He tumbled across the amphitheater floor with Frank, some large marbles, and a clump of plastic seaweed." (SoN)

Gods like Poseidon and Zeus are often represented by their domains. Here, Percy mentions that water doesn't like to be restrained and can break through any barrier with time. Again, this uses the same words as Poseidon in TLT.

This was just something I thought was cool, but do you think this was intentional on Rick's part?

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