This blog will be updated as much as I can for every book and the story of Meg.

Also I will be doing a Apollo one so that coming after or while I am doing Meg.

Demeter. Goddess of harvest, grain, and fertility.

BOOK NUMBER 1: Meg is a seriously great character. She is the daughter of Demeter and a botanist. In the first book she received peaches. Her trusty vicious fruit by her side. Now Meg is the type of girl that shows no affection and knows no affection. But as time goes on. She opens up. Apollo get to know her better. There are times when she shares her life struggles with him which is straight up heart-breaking. When she meets Sally though, I feel like she got another mother. Not permanent but Sally actually cares for Meg. She got her into fresh clothing and I feel that is the first time in a LONG time that Meg actually felt, well, loved. Now back to the Apollo thing, there are many times when Apollo is taken back into the life of Meg McCaffery. He feels the pain that she did, and is put in her shoes. Now lets jump even further to the time they met. Apollo and Meg met in a alley way after Apollo got kicked out of Olympus into a dumpster and into the body of Lester whatever his last name ( feel free to correct me ). He first gets almost beaten up by a couple of punks then Meg, in her famous traffic light uniform, comes to his rescue. Now Apollo remembers in past experiences that he used to have to serve a demigod. Could this be the one? He knew what Meg did to save him wasn't normal mortal stuff. So she had to be a demigod. He gave her a little quiz while going to Percy's. But Meg was as cool as a cucumber. Now fast forward to camp. Camp Half-Blood. A place of good times as well as the bad. Not only was passing out in the middle of the forest and having to be carried by a 12 year old embarrassing but so was meeting your demigod children who are older than you. AWKWARD. They had their disagreements and of course when they got separated and Apollo had to save her from the ants place with his sad song. From there, Meg seemed sad, like she really wanted to tell Apollo something. Turns out she was torn between 2 sides. So in the end of the first book she ran. From Apollo, From Nero. From Camp. She ran.

Meg McCaffery. Daughter of Demeter.

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