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Rick Riordan is going to release a Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson crossover on May 7th! 'No, I'm not kidding, see for yourself!' It will be a short story that runs about 40 pages and will be released in the back of the paperback version of The Serpents Shadow. The name of the short story is The Son of Sobek.

An official preview has already been uploaded on Facebook!

The crossover will be featuring Percy and Carter Kane and, as can be seen from the excerpt, IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC!

So what do you think? I thought a crossover wouldn't be written until HoO was finished and maybe not even before the Norse series. Well, to be honest, I never believed there even would be a crossover. ever.

But there are still some open questions. Like, WHEN does this Greek-Egyptian adventure take place? During the events of PJO? After the Last Olympian? When Percy was wandering around after he woke up at the wolf house/on his journey to Camp Jupiter?


Release Information

Just because this question seems to pop up a lot, I figured I'd shed some light.

  • On May 7, 2013, The Son of Sobek will be released as a bonus in The Serpent's Shadow.
  • On June 18, 2013, The Son of Sobek will be released in e-book format and will be read by Rick Riordan himself. This will also come with a preview for The House of Hades.


When do you think this story takes place?

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