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Hi I'm NicodiAngelofan06 and this is my blog where every few days, unless I'm busy, I write a blog post on what I believe is true, and this is a free ticket to debating as long as you be nice to one another.

Sunday, May 2 1:03 PM to

For my first blog post I have a question to ask you all. Do any of you guys and girls think that Luke Castellan is a villain or a hero?

To me I think Luke Castellan is a hero. Here are my reasons why:

My first reason is because (and this is a big one) he sacrificed himself to stop Kronos from taking over the world and destroying it. How can anyone top that. (Well other than stoping world hunger, if you stop that than that's pretty big too, but still he saved the world.) S

Sure he letting Kronos take over him but still he saved the world in the end so yeah.

My second and final reason is because he was a good friend, even to Percy. He promised Annabeth that, when he and Thalia found her, they would be a family and they technically where. And he even welcomed Percy into the Hermes Cabin by takeing some stuff from the camp store, and I don't think children of Hermes could be nicer than that.

That is my turn out of my first blog post on this and if you disagree on any of these reasons just comment, remember this is a free ticket to debating as long as you be nice about it and please no arguments, I just don't like that. And also thanks for reading this.

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