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Ushas ("OOH-shahs") is the Vedic (ancient Hindu) goddess of the dawn.[1]


Everyday, Ushas comes in the same form to destroy darkness enveloping the world, so she is eternal. She is one of the wives of Surya, the god of the sun. She drives a chariot of pure gold pulled by giant red cows. She wakes up all beings and has them work, until she arrives fires don't burn and sacrifices wouldn't be undertaken. Sages often pray to Ushas to get wealth and long life.[2]

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The goddess Ushas lived in the Palace of Day over the bridge near Goddess Ratri's grove. 

When Aru, Brynne and Aiden made their way to the Bridge of Dawn and Dusk, they saw the red cows of Ushas. From a distance, it had looked like a thin silver band because of how the light hit it. But now that they were close, they saw that the bridge was made of enchanted sky marble: clouds reinforced with thunderstorms. They found Mini and were rejoicing when sharp light poured onto the bridge. Soon enough Aru saw dozens of red mounds as big as houses, with wicked sharp horns of molten gold, start to lumber in their direction.

As they were trying to wake up Mini, they heard a high-pitched giggle which belonged to Ushas. Ushas snapped her fingers and two attendants rolled out a chariot of pure gold. They began to harness the cows, adjusting each strap and checking each hoof. Loud music started blasting from somewhere in the clouds—a remix of the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Ushas started singing along.

When Aiden fell on the cows from Vajra, he was saved by goddess Ushas because she was a fan of his mother.

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Ushas wore a golden robe and fuzzy golden slippers. Bright orange flames danced through her black hair, creating dramatic highlights. To Aru Shah, the red-skinned goddess looked like a rich teenage girl with an epic sunburn.


  • Ushas' name can also it spelled as Uṣas, it means "one who shines."
  • Her Greek/Roman counterparts are Eos/Aurora.[3]


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