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Utgard-Loki (Old Norse "Loki of the Outlands") is a Jotunn and the ruler of the Mountain Giants. He is known as "the most powerful sorcerer in Jotunheim".

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

After Magnus Chase had managed to escape Hotel Valhalla he ran into Utgard-Loki at Fadlan's Falafel, transformed a pigeon. He uses magic to close the falafel shop in order to strike a deal with Magnus. He says that he will get them their food and give them information about Sumarbrander, as long as he gets first bite of the food and that they do him a favor. They reluctantly agree, the shop reopens, and he fetches them their food. After devouring all of it, Magnus attacks him which provokes the eagle to pick him up at drag him through the city. As he drags Magnus through the city, he convinces Magnus to swear by his troth to retrieve an apple for him in exchange for information

Magnus Chase, who made a deal with Utgard-Loki.

about the sword. Magnus agrees and the eagle tells him the sword ended up with the sea goddess Ran. He also tells him the apple he want's is an Idun apple of immortality, which Ran usually keeps. To retrieve both, the eagle sends Magnus and Sam to go fishing with a giant named Harald, where they attract Ran's attention by catching the World Serpent.

After successfully acquiring both the sword and apple, Magnus gives the apple to the eagle who eats it and reveals himself as Utgard-Loki, king of the Mountain Giants. He tells Magnus although they will eventually be enemies, he wishes to delay Ragnarok as long as possible and that Surt's minions and the warriors of Valhalla will soon be after him. He then disappears into the shadows.

The Hammer of Thor

Utgard-Loki first appears as a figure in black with a wolf faceplate, who kills Otis before he can give Magnus more information regarding the supposed whereabouts of Thor's hammer. As Magnus chases him, he warns Magnus not to go to Provincetown, where the hammer supposedly is in a wight's barrow, or he will play into the enemy's hand and lose his friends before disappearing. Soon after Magnus, Sam, Blitz and Hearth go to the barrow but find that its a trap by Loki to retrieve the Skofnung Sword and Blitz is wounded by the blade as a result, causing the group to fly to Alfheim to heal him. While on the plane, Utgard-Loki speaks through Sam's flying instructor, yells at them for falling into Loki's trap and tells them to seek out Heimdall to find him in the Jotunheim to discuss thwarting Loki's plan. When Magnus, Sam, Alex, Blitz and Hearth travel to the Jotunheim, they come across Utgard-Loki at his palace, Utgard Lanes. He explains that before he gives them the information they need to beat Loki, he must have them prove themselves in challenges against the giants, lest he be overthrown by his subjects for being too friendly with mortals. They all manage to win their challenges, which grants Utgard-Loki five minutes to give them their information before the other giants try to kill the group for embarrassing them. He explains that Loki manipulated the events surrounding Mjolnir's theft in order to led the group to the wight's barrow and acquire the Skofnung Sword, as it is the only blade that can free him of his bonds. In addition Loki has set the sword as the bride price, which, by old Norse and Jotunn tradition, allows him to keep the blade.They then realize that Utgard-Loki arranged the challenges to test if the group had a chance to beat Loki and to arrange humiliation for them to gain the respect of his followers. As the five minutes run out, Utgard-Loki tells them to give the information to Thor before his liege men catch them.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Just Another Decapitated Head

While Odin is looking for a new captain of the Valkyries, the king of the jotunns sneaks into Valhalla disguised as Hladgunnr, daughter of Hel, and reveals himself to the All-father. Soon after Odin pins him to a wall he vanishes.


In his regular giant form, he is first described as a huge old man with gray hair and a weathered face, dressed in iron-shod boots, leather britches, a tunic of eagle feathers and a gold bracer on one forearm encrusted with bloodstones. As a result of eating Idun's apple he changes into a younger form, with a handsome angular face and straight coal black hair. Being a Jotunn and a sorcerer, Utgard-Loki can shapeshift into many different forms.

In Hammer of Thor, he first appears as a figure in black with fur leggings and tunic, a soot-smeared chain mail coat and a black iron helmet with a faceplate resembling a snarling wolf. Later on, when Magnus meets him again in the Jotunheim, he again takes his younger form. He is also described wearing a bowling shirt made from eagle feathers and brown polyester slacks.


Despite his dislike of being compared to Loki, Utgard-Loki has a very similar personality to him in that both are intelligent, manipulative, humorous and mischievous. Utgard-Loki is also shown to respect opponents who are creative and can think on their feet as opposed to headstrong enemies like Thor and his children. Unlike other giants, such as Surt, he has no desire to hasten the coming of Ragnarok, claiming that he is having fun with how things are now. Utgard-Loki also prefers for people to figure out answers for themselves, such as when he was giving information to Magnus and his friends about how to stop Loki and he made them put the answers together themselves and then later saying that actually stopping Loki would be something they themselves would need to figure out.


  • Jotunn Strength: As a Jotunn, Utgard-Loki was immensely strong.
  • Mystiokinesis: Utgard-Loki is the most powerful sorcerer in Jotunheim and is capable of powerful magic and illusions that can fool even gods.
  • Shapeshifting: Utgard-Loki can transform into animals (more commonly eagles and pigeons) at his will.
  • Hallucikinesis: Utgard-Loki is skilled at illusions.


  • Utgard-Loki is very annoyed by frequently being asked whether or not he is "the famous Loki", as that name simply happens to be common among Jotnar.
  • His Greco-Roman counterpart may be Hecate seeing that they are sometimes more of primordial beings (Jotunn/Titaness) than gods.
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