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Blessings upon the Pandavas

–Aru Shah and the End of Time

Durga's tiger, Kartikeya's peacock, and Uchchaihshravas being freed from Aru Shah at the Night Bazaar library

The Vahanas are the divine vehicles/mounts of the Hindu Gods.


Each god had at least one vahana. Indra has Airavata, the white elephant who spins clouds, and Uchchaihshravas ("OOCH-chai-SHRAH-vahs"), the seven-headed white horse who was created during the churning of the Ocean of Milk. Airavata was actually why the ocean was churned in the first place. Indra gave his vahana a garland made by the sage Durvasa, but the elephant was irritated by the tickling fragrance of the nectar and threw the wreath on the ground.[1]

  • Lakshmi has an owl and an elephant.
  • Ganga, the river goddess, uses a Makara as her vahana.
  • Vayu's mount is a gazelle.
  • Dharma Raja's is a water buffalo.
  • Ganesh has a mouse.[2]
  • The victory goddess, Durga, rides a tiger.
  • The god of war, Kartikeya, rides a peacock.
  • Kamadeva, the god of love, rides a parrot.
  • Agni, the god of fire, rides a ram.
  • Vishwakarma, the god of architecture, rides a goose.
  • Yamuna, a river goddess, rides a tortoise.
  • Chandra, the god of the moon, rides an antelope.
  • Shani, the god of Saturn, rides a crow.
  • Vishnu, the god of protection, rides a bird man (Garuda).
  • Shiva, the god of destruction rides a white bull.

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Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the End of Time

After being released from the Diya of Bharata, the Sleeper went off and captured the vahanas of the gods after freezing time. Hanuman was informed of this and Urvashi realized that the Sleeper intends to slow down the heavens.

Fortunately, Aru Shah managed to get the birdcage containing the vehicles of the gods as clay figures at the Night Bazaar library, also known as the Library of A-Z. She did so by placing a magic headband Summer made so the Sleeper would forget about this important thing. When trying to get a closer look, Aru used Varja to cause the vahanas grow back to their true forms. Uchchaihshravas thanks her and the owl told her to call on them when they need her aid. Uchchaihshravas takes her to the island that was used to churn the Ocean of Milk, she was to find the last key to enter the Kingdom of Death, the sip of old age.

Aru Shah, the one who freed them from the Sleeper

Aru called the vahanas back when she and Mini needed to be taken to her museum, they figured out how to defeat the Sleeper when the looked into the Pool of the Past. They arrive using a staircase that came from the clouds. Uchchaihshravas identifies Aru as a true daughter of Indra, a water buffalo, the mount of Dharma Raja, took Mini as it recognized the danda. Uchchaihshravas also agrees to help them in their battle until the gods call them back. They take them to the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture in Atlanta, they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and witnessed the Westin Peachtree Plaza and the Georgia-Pacific Tower before arriving at the museum.

The tiger opened the door then sharpened its claws on the stone elephant then kept sticking its head in one of the wooden crates before awkwardly trying to cram its whole body into the space, it would stop and lick its front paw self-consciously whenever Aru looked. Earlier, the tiger had gently picked up her frozen mother in his mouth and placed her in her bedroom, so she was out of harm's way, Aru was grateful for that. The lion bared its jaws, all of the cats were highly intrigued by boxes. The crocodile was posing next to the stone makara, glancing at the statue and grinning as if to say Hey guys! Look! Look! It's me!. Two mounts had gone into the Hall of the Gods solely to protect the frozen forms of Poppy Lopez, Arielle Reddy, and Burton Prater. When the new moon arrives, the vahanas molded back into the shadows, disappearing completely while Aru summoned the Sleeper.

When arrived, he vowed that he'd have a new cage for them in no time. As soon as he was lured into the chalk circle, the mounts surrounded him. As soon as Aru shouted "ATTACK!" the tiger flew at one of the rakshas who had the head of a stag, the peacock joined it with its tail sweeping the floor and cutting out the legs of an asura right next to it. A bear mount was foaming at the mouth, one of the horns of the celestial ram was bent at an uncomfortable-looking angle, sweat gleamed on the body of Uchchaihshravas. Soon afterwards, they couldn't stay for much longer, but said Aru fought cunningly while trying to figure out the right word. They disappeared as they were called back to the deities they served.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

A green parrot appears on the shoulder of Kamadeva but it is unclear if that was truly his vahana.

Airvata was mentioned by Durvasa when he explained why cursed the gods to lose their immortality.

A ram appeared on the T-shirt of Agni when he was Sparky. His ram trotted in person to him after he calmed down when Aru Shah gave him a bottle containing a bright idea.

When the Pandavas defeated Meenakshi, they heard the mounts arriving towards the Ocean of Milk.

Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes

A pure-white goose was seen in Vishwakarma's office but it is unclear if this was actually his vahana.


Among the mounts were a goat, a crocodile, a pigeon, a snake, a beautiful burnished orange tiger, a stunningly white owl, and a stately peacock that trailed jewels. Uchchaihshravas was a seven-headed flying horse that shined brighter than the moon. There was also a ram, a three-headed elephant, a giant swan, a graceful antelope, a lion, and a water buffalo. Agni's ram is a bright red ram



  • Surya, the god of the sun, does not have a vahana. Instead, he rides a chariot pulled by seven horses, his charioteer is Aruna. His sons, the Ashvins, ride in chariots as well.
  • In some versions of the myth, Indra gave Airvata Durvasa's garland as a test to prove that he was not an egoistic deva. But the elephant knew that Indra had no control over his own ego, that's why he threw the wreath on the ground.[3]


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