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A Valkyrie is one of Odin's female hand maidens who choose slain heroes to bring to Valhalla and become einherjar. While in Valhalla, the Valkyries serve the einherjar at meals, and consider it a great honor to do so. 

Known Valkyries

Abilities and Items

Valkyries are capable of sprouting wings, allowing them the ability of flight, which Sam loved since she always dreamed of flying.

Samirah was known to have a swan cloak, which could be used to camouflage up to two people.

They also have wristbands on their arms which can be used to send a Valkyrie back directly to Valhalla in case the Valkyrie has become badly injured. The wristbands can be activated with the fingerprints of a Valkyrie that is still in the database.



  • The word valkyrie originates from the Old Norse word valkyrja, (plural valkyrjur), which means “chooser of the slain”).
  • Their Greco-Roman equivalent would be the Amazons and the Hunters of Artemis.