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Varuna is the four-armed Hindu god of the waters and the consort (husband) of Varuni.


Varuna is the son of Kashyapa, the sage, and Aditi, the mother goddess. He was the leader of the Âdityas, the children of Aditi. Varuna used to be god of the sky and king of heavens associated with the oceans and rivers. But after Indra slew Vritra, he overthrew Varuna as he was supposed to be in charge of the oceans, his vahana is a makara.[1]

In Ramayana, Rama prays to Varuna for help in crossing the sea to Lanka in order to save his wife, Sita, from the demon king Ravana. But for three days there was no respond, and on the fourth morning Rama got mad and prepare to dry up the ocean to create a sand walkway for his army of monkeys. He shoots an arrow sending the ocean into flames, that was when Varuna appeared saying he didn't know how to help, the sea was too deep and he couldn't change it. He told Rama to remember that he is "the soul of peace and love, wrath does not suit him". Rama and the monkeys built a bridge to Lanka and Varuna did not disturb him.[2]

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According to his pet crab, Varuna is fickle and unpredictable, just like the ocean. He enjoys watching cricket.


Varuna's skin was the color of cut sapphires. In his four hands were an iPad, a conch shell, a noose, and a Thums Up bottle.



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