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Varuni is the four-armed Hindu goddess of wine and transcendent wisdom. She is the consort (wife) of Varuna.


Varuni was one of the goddesses who emerged from the Ocean of Milk when it was churned.

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Aru Shah and the Song of Death

On reaching Lord Varuna's Palace, Varuni materialized in the middle of the entrance startling Aru. Two of her arms were crossed. Her third hand held a blue lotus flower. In her fourth hand, she gently swirled a glass of red wine. She told Aru that mortals were not allowed there. On seeing Vajra, she asked Aru to follow her into the palace. She 'introduced' her to Varuna. She changed her drink multiple times while she was talking to Aru. When she looked again at Aru, her eyes were glowing. She pronounced a prophecy. When Aru requested them to show her the passage to the Naga treasury, they told her to fill the belly of Varuna's pet guardian first. Afterwards, on returning to the palace after filling the creature's belly, Varuni reminded her of the prophecy. 

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At first, Varuni's skin appeared garnet color, but a closer looks reveals it golden and sparkling like champagne. Her black hair swept the floor and looked like the ocean at night, miniature glittering fish dart through her dark ringlets every now and then. Varuni has four arms. 


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