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STOP IT, BRYNNE! Father will not be pleased.

–Hanuman, Aru Shah and the Song of Death

Vayu (pronounced "VAH-yoo") is the Hindu god of the wind as well as the father of Hanuman, the monkey-faced demigod, and Bhima, the second-oldest Pandava brother.[1]


Vayu was born out of the breath of Purusha, the primal human. He lost some of his power when he was expelled from Mount Meru, the home of the gods. In retaliation, he attacked the mountain, Garuda, the king of birds and mount of Vishnu tried to resist but failed. Vayu tore the tip of the mountain off and threw it into the ocean where it eventually became Sri Lanka.[2] The Maruts were said to have been born from his belly. Vayu was the first one to ever drink Soma, he shared it with Indra.

When Indra struck Hanuman for mistaking the sun for a fruit, Vayu got so upset that he went to sulk in a cave. As a result, all the air on the planet was sucked away, he wouldn't leave until all the gods apologized and brought him back to life.

Rick Riordan Presents

Pandava Quartet

His celestial mace

Aru Shah and the End of Time

Vayu's statue during the claiming ceremony of Aru Shah and Mini, Aru didn't think having him as her spiritual father would be so bad. But he turned out to be Indra instead while Mini's was Dharma Raja.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death

When Aru and Min fight Brynne Rao at the Night Bazaar, they lifted up into the air and Brynne receives his wind mace. Before this happens, the Council of Guardians arrive, including Hanuman who Brynne that their father would not be please. When Aru found out that Brynne was the reincarnation of Bhima, she realized that Hanuman was talking about Vayu.


Vayu's statue was dark-skinned and looked like the handsome star of a Bollywood film. He held a spinning flag that heralded the directions.


  • Aerokinesis: As the god of the wind, he has divine authority and complete control over air.


  • Vayu's name is derived from a Sanskrit word which means "blower."[3]
  • His mount is a gazelle.
  • Vayu is often associated with Rudra, the god of storms and the hunt.
  • His Greek equivalent is Aeolus.
  • His Egyptian equivalent is Shu.


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