Vigridr, or the "Last Battlefield", is a vast plain in Niflheim, about 300 miles wide on all sides, that shall be the site of the battle between the Norse Gods and Surt’s forces during Ragnarok. The landscape is "mostly grasslands of red and gold, with the occasional river, hill, and stand of trees, just for variety".

Vigridr has a long desolate shore with a very long boardwalk having "thousands of empty kiosks and miles of stanchions for queuing", with signs pointing towards various camps.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

The eight champions of Odin - Magnus Chase, Samirah al-Abbas, Alex Fierro, Halfborn Gunderson, Mallory Keen, Thomas Jefferson Jr., Blitzen and Hearthstone - arrived at Vigridr on their ship, after having captured Loki and foiled his plans of starting Ragnarok.

They docked at the port Raven Five. The Norse gods were assembled there, waiting for them. The gods congratulated the champions on their success. Then the gods and the heroes feasted in celebration at the tent Lindworm Seven. The gods (and Magnus) briefly dwelled on their fate - that eventually Ragnarok would start, and they would die fighting at this very place. However, they decided to celebrate the present.

The heroes handed over to Odin the magical walnut in which they had captured Loki. After some discussion with the other gods, Odin decided that Loki should be bound in the same way as last time, with greater precautions. This time, the gods would use stronger ropes made by the dwarf Junior to bind Loki and stronger enchantments to hide his prison. Magnus also pleaded out of compassion that Loki's wife, Sigyn, be allowed to stay by the side of her husband.

Later, Magnus asked Odin for a sample of Kvasir's Mead, which he could hand over to Aegir, as Magnus had promised earlier. Odin promised to privately talk to Aegir and give him some of the fabled mead. Magnus also asked for Odin's help in the paperwork for the Chase Mansion, as per the will of his late uncle, Randolph.

Finally, the heroes and the gods left the place and returned to Hotel Valhalla, for more celebration.


  • For Magnus, Vigridr looked like the African savannah. Their feast reminded him of a luxury banquet, as he had seen in travel books his mother loved to read.
  • The battlefield is so vast that the gods and heroes needed golf carts to move from the shore to their tent.


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