Vil is the Norse god of motivation, brother of Ve and Odin, and son of Bestia and Bor.

Affair with Frigg

When Odin went on his nine year journey for wisdom, it was said that Vil and his brother Ve had an affair with his wife Frigg. Many myths say that when Odin returned to Asgard, he kicked Vil and Ve out of his kingdom.

Killing Ymir

After Vil and his brothers were born, the ended up killing the father of all the giants, Ymir. It was then where they became the first three gods of the  gods. That action forever caused a rift between the giants and the Aesir gods.

Creation of the nine realms

Using the body parts of Ymir they created the nine realms. They created the home of the aesir gods-Asgard, home of the vanir gods-Vanaheim, home of the humans-Midgard, home of Hel the dishonored dead-Helheim, home of the light elves-Alfheim, home of the dwarfs -Svartalfheim, home of the giants-Jotunheim, home of the fire giants and demons,-Muspellheim, and world of the ice Niflheim.

Creation of humans

With the help of Odin and Ve, they created the first two humans.During the flood that resulted from Ymir’s murder and the great flow of his blood, they stumbled upon a pair of driftwood logs on the beach, and decided to bring them to life. Odin breathed life into them and Ve gave them speech, the ability to express emotions with their faces and bodies, and the senses of sight and hearing. Vil decided to give them the ability to think and the sense of touch.Together the brothers named the male Ask and the girl Embla. The brothers then abandoned Ask and Embla, the first human couple, but a passing boat of fleeing giants led by Bergelmir found them before they drowned and set them in a tree to survive.

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