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We speak with one voice. Especially on this matter. No one harms Sadie Kane.

–Walt Stone, after joining with Anubis in The Serpent's Shadow.

Walt Stone was originally one of the new trainees that Sadie Kane and Carter Kane were training along with Jaz and originally came from Seattle, Washington. He is known as a sau; a charm maker. He is one of Sadie's two love interests and as of The Serpent's Shadow, Anubis' first human host. Walt/Anubis is currently in a relationship with Sadie Kane. As of The Throne of Fire, Walt is sixteen years old.[1]


Family History

Walt comes from a family descended from Akhenaton. Due to Akhenaton's wish to destroy the worship of the gods, priests cursed Akhenaton and his offspring, which is why the pharaoh Tutankhamen (his son), and later descendants died at an early age. Practicing magic tends to speed up the curse, so Walt uses amulets, which store magic in advance.

Early Life

He lived in Seattle, Washington before learning how to use Egyptian magic and is a natural sau (charm maker). His dad had died from the curse (Akhenaton is from his dad's side) and his mother was very worried about how Walt has until about age sixteen, though Tutankhamen died at eighteen. No doctors could help, though, and it seemed Walt would die soon.

He then decided to go to the Brooklyn house and learn magic. He then learned that if he used amulets and hosted a god he would live longer. So he learned how to use the amulets, and then hosted Anubis. He did not want to tell Sadie for a while and then, later on, she realizes that he was hosting Anubis.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Walt is seen in the beginning stealing the Khnum artifact from the Brooklyn Museum. He and Jaz were caught holding hands, and Sadie misinterprets this. Later, he is with Carter in his room after breakfast, and run off to save Sadie in London. He is then kicked out by Bes, who knows what Walt was dealing with. He comes in afterward when he and Sadie look for the third scroll. In the end, Walt and Zia transported home while Sadie and Carter went through the Duat. The Kanes' original plan had been to interrogate Menshikov (as he was descended from the priests who cursed Akhenaton) while he was trapped, but Vlad's price was to side with Chaos. The plan failed as Vlad died, and Sadie felt guilty, much to the disappointment of Walt.

The Serpent's Shadow

Walt is first seen in the museum examining the jewelry in the display case. Later when they go to see the scroll he stops by King Tut's throne and becomes lost in a trance. He helps to battle Apophis, but it causes him great pain as he's so near death. He joins Sadie in a quest to retrieve Bes' sheut to restore him to normal, though he is aware that this will likely be his last act. The two manage to reach the sheut, with Walt trying and failing to explain something to Sadie about his upcoming death.

By the time the two reach the sheut, defeating Neith along the way, Walt is near death and Anubis appears, asking him something, telling him it would be their last chance. Walt agrees, saying he can't leave Sadie which Anubis concurs with, saying neither can he. Walt, as his last act, works to restore Bes, explaining to Sadie that it is actually very simple in contrast to what Setne told them and has her watch him perform the spell so she'll know what to do for Apophis. Walt binds the sheut to a shabti and gives Sadie instructions on how to finish the job and later destroy Apophis. Sadie succeeds in restoring Bes and Walt dies, but comes back to life moments later and warns Sadie that Setne has betrayed them and she must save Carter, creating a portal to his and Zia's location. Walt tells Sadie he'll meet her at the First Nome at sunrise if she doesn't hate him for what he did as he's still too weak to come now. When she doesn't understand, he tells her to look deeper and she does and finally understands how he is still alive and what he had been planning with Anubis: Walt is now the host of Anubis and the eye of the god. His power to turn things to dust had come from following the god's path and the two had been planning this so they could both be with Sadie and Walt could survive.

Sadie departs and later meets up with Walt/Anubis during the battle in the Hall of Ages. Walt protects Sadie, proclaiming that both he and Anubis will not let anything happen to her and dispatches Sarah Jacobi and Kwai. Walt/Anubis participates in the battle against Apophis and helps hold him off as Carter and Sadie destroy him. Walt disappears after the battle as the other gods leave the Earth and Sadie fears she will never see him again. Then she realized he had become a human host for Anubis which had never been done before.

In the end, even though all of the other gods leave the Earth, Anubis is allowed to remain in Walt as the gods once did with the pharaohs, keeping him alive and never able to leave him without Walt dying and the two, now one being, start a relationship with Sadie, allowing her to be with both of the boys she loves. According to Ruby Kane, this gives both Walt and Anubis the chance to live a normal life which neither of them had ever had before.

Demigods & Magicians

The Staff of Serapis

While Walt doesn't appear, Sadie mentions him and Anubis to Annabeth Chase while describing how crazy her life is, referring to him as her boyfriend and showing they are still together. She later uses one of his camel amulets in battle with the god Serapis. It is destroyed by Serapis to free his staff which the camel had been pinning down.


Sadie notes that he seems to have a 'gravity' about him that allows him to command attention when required. He always thinks carefully before acting, and Carter describes his personality as "Sadie's exact opposite". He also has a crush on Sadie. Although he is dying of a curse, he is sacrificial and does all he can to protect his friends. Walt seems to be a little shy and timid when he is near Sadie. However, he is willing to do anything for her and becomes the host to Anubis to live and to allow both of them to be with her, telling Anubis when he agrees "I can't leave her." Afterwards, he becomes very protective of Sadie, informing his enemies that he won't allow anyone to hurt her with the sentiment coming from both himself and Anubis causing Sadie to feel safe around him. After becoming the host of Anubis, he takes on some of the god's mannerisms including his tendency to tilt his head when confused.


Walt is described as having coffee bean-brown skin and a closely-shaven head and has an athletic build. He wears self-made amulets on golden chains and his usual outfit includes a sleeveless tee and running shorts. Sadie describes him as "hot".

As of The Serpent's Shadow, when Walt begins to host Anubis, his outfit has changed into a mix of clothing styles between him and Anubis'. He is described as wearing only the shen amulet, a black muscle shirt, black jeans a black leather jacket and combat boots. During the battle in the Hall of Ages, he puts on Egyptian armor and briefly wears the outfit of Anubis himself before settling on the mix.


Walt was a sau, a charm maker. He tends to fight using his amulets and charms. Carter also said he was talented enough to choose 3 different paths, Isis, Osiris, and Thoth, although he ultimately follows, inadvertently at first, the path of Anubis which had never been done before which enables Walt to use death magic against his enemies. Following The Serpent's Shadow, he becomes the Eye of Anubis.

  • Divine Words: In The Serpent's Shadow, Walt used hi-nehm to join together Bes' sheut with a representative shabti of the dwarf god. This spell took all of Walt's remaining power and he died. In the battle against Apophis, Walt made some of his opponents shrink in size with a spell, although the command word was not shown.
  • Statuary Magic: As a charm-maker, Walt displayed a level of proficiency with statuary magic. Walt was able to create a shabti of Apophis to use in an execration, a dangerous thing to do as if not done right, it could strengthen the Chaos god or give him a doorway into Brooklyn House. Walt was also able to quickly create a shabti of Bes to hold his sheut so that Sadie could do a reverse execration on it.

  • Death Magic: In The Throne of Fire, Walt gained some powers over death and was capable of crumbling things, first with his hands and also light from his wand. He did this with a shabti and mummies. As he was closer to death however, Walt lost control over this ability at times and destroyed a boat carrying himself and Carter.
  • Animal Charming: Since he followed the path of Anubis, Walt can communicate with jackals and even had one let him and his friends pass to talk to Osiris.

  • Since Walt was descended from Akhenaton, he was cursed to die at a young age. To bypass his impending death, Walt and Anubis began to merge their magic and he became the Eye of Anubis after he sacrificed himself to collect Bes' shadow. Walt achieved many of Anubis' powers following this fusion:

    • Advanced Portal Summoning : After fusing with Anubis, Walt can summon portals even while Apophis or some other Chaos was at work. This also doesn't take much power from him as Walt was able to open a portal just after becoming the Eye of Anubis.
    • Increased Strength: In the final battle against Apophis, Walt displayed possessing above average physical strength. Walt's enhanced strength enabled him to hurl men through hallways and also push aside enemy lines with his bare hands. He can increase his strength even more by applying death magic around the target.
    • Duat Usage: Walt can now also use the Duat and access the equipment or supplies that Anubis has stored there. In the battle against Apophis, Walt summoned combat armor and a was staff from the Duat. He is skilled enough to summon the armor around his body in the first place, so as not to waste time wearing it.
    • Advanced Death Magic: After becoming the Eye of Anubis, Walt's death magic has become even stronger. He can reduce objects to dust with a simple tap like before and project death magic in the form of grey light from his wand although it doesn't tire him or fuel his curse anymore. Walt can also surround his arms in death magic so that his already immense strength is amplified further. Walt can also cause metals to rust with death magic.
    • Necromancy: After merging with Anubis, Walt displayed the ability to summon undead warriors from a crack in the ground. They can drag enemies into the Underworld. He can also summon people or spirits from graveyards, although for a short time.
    • Animal Charming: Walt can summon Anubis' jackal warriors from the ground to assist him, like they did against Kwai.
    • Death Ritual Objects: As the Eye of Anubis, Walt can control mummy linen and is free to wrap objects with it as he did with Kwai's magicians. Walt can imprison his opponents in canopic jars, like he did against Kwai's magicians or even transform them into the jars. It is presumed Walt can also imprison people into other death ritual containers.

    Magical Items

    • Charms: Walt used to fight with whichever charm he had and each amulet had a different use. He had a wind amulet containing some power of Shu. Walt also had two camel charms, which he used in The Throne of Fire. In The Serpent's Shadow, he uses a glowing amulet which explodes. Walt has been shown to still use them as he used all of his amulets to protect the injured during the Battle of the Hall of Ages.


    Sadie Kane

    Sadie Kane, Walt’s girlfriend.

    Walt and Sadie had a close relationship since they worked together. Walt is in love with Sadie, and wants to spend as much time with her before he dies due to the curse his family passed on to him. When both of them were finding the third scroll, Walt said good job and kissed her (Sadie claims "probably out of happiness or excitement"). Walt went to protect Brooklyn house with Zia and it scared Sadie that she may never see Walt again. Throughout the third book, their feelings for each other intensify. When near death, he accepts Anubis' offer to become his host so as to live on, telling him "I can't leave her." Using his new powers as Anubis' host, he protects her during the battle in the Hall of Ages, telling Sarah Jacobi that both he and Anubis will not allow anyone to harm her again. At the end of this book Walt/Anubis and Sadie begin a relationship. They are still together as of The Staff of Serapis as she refers to him and Anubis as her boyfriend and how confusing it is for the two of them to be merged though she has accepted it.


    Anubis, the god he is hosting.

    Despite the fact that both Walt and Anubis like Sadie, and the slight rivalry between the two, Anubis gives Walt advice on how to deal with his illness, and also tells him not to despair and he will ease his pain as much as he could, much to Sadie's surprise. Walt also mentions that he could feel the presence of Anubis around him, thinking he may be one of Anubis' chosen. But Walt feels that Sadie will choose Anubis over him, due to the fact that he may not live more than a year. In the third book, Walt and Anubis begin to hang around each other and the others just thought Anubis was preparing Walt for death. However, it is revealed that Walt has been channeling Anubis' power and has chosen the Path of Anubis. When Walt is near death, Anubis appears, asking him about a choice he has to make as it's his last chance and Walt says yes, as he can't leave Sadie, a sentiment Anubis agrees to. Shortly afterwards, their plan and Walt's choice are revealed as when Walt dies, he is revived seconds later because he become Anubis' first human host. At the end of the book when all the gods retreat to the heavens Walt/Anubis is allowed to stay on earth and begin a normal life (well as normal as life in the House of Life can be). Together they start a relationship with Sadie, allowing her to be with both of the people she loves, but Anubis can never leave Walt as he is the only thing keeping Walt alive unlike other hosts who can choose to separate from their gods.

    Carter Kane

    Carter Kane, his friend.

    Carter is Walt's leader and seemingly best friend. Walt trusts Carter and is willing to do anything he asks and keeps Carter's secrets. Carter trusts Walt enough that he let him in on his and Sadie's secret that they were creating a shabti of Apophis for an execration and even trusted Walt to make it. If such a shabti had been made wrong, it could've summoned or even strengthened Apophis, but Carter trusted Walt to perform the difficult task. Carter also relies on Walt with the trainees and describes him as his "unofficial lieutenant." When Walt revealed he was dying soon, Carter displayed a similar level of distress to Sadie over the fact and tried desperately to think of something to save him. Walt nearly told Carter his plans with Anubis before he told Sadie, but only ended up hinting at them after they learned that Sadie was calling for them. Carter also shows no issue with the idea of Walt dating his sister, being willing to trust Walt with her.

    Jasmine Anderson

    Jasmine Anderson, his friend.

    Jaz and Walt share a very close friendship in the beginning of The Throne of Fire, as she was trying to help him find a cure for his curse. Jaz is also probably the first person he'd told about his curse, and she often encourages him. However, this marked a wrong impression on Sadie, who thought they had feelings for each other and got jealous. Before facing the bau, Jaz kissed him on the cheek and assured him about himself. When Jaz fell into a coma, Walt showed concern, being the person to carry her on the way to Brooklyn House. After she woke up, at the end of The Throne of Fire, Walt said to Sadie that she was working on a cure for him. By The Serpent's Shadow, knowing that Walt had to go on a quest, Jaz gave him a potion to boost his last energy in emergency.


    • Walter is a masculine given name for Old High Germanic origin meaning “power warrior” or “bright warrior”.
    • Stone is a is a surname of Anglo-Saxon British origin.


    • Walt comes from the line of King Akhenaten who for the entirety of his rein tried to destroy the worship of the gods and replace it with worshiping the one sun god Aten.
    • Walt was supposed to die when he reached sixteen, or sometime before, though he manages to live longer with the help of Anubis.
    • Walt, along with Anubis, both start dating Sadie, considering they are both the same person now.
    • Walt is the first person to ever follow the Path of Anubis while doing Divine Magic.
    • Unlike other hosts of gods, Walt can never be separated from Anubis as Anubis is all that is keeping him alive.
    • When Ra said, "Weasels" and "Weasels are sick" he refers to Walt. When Ra said "weasel cookies" he was asking for a cure for Walt from Apophis (Menshikov).
      • Apophis asked him what he wanted, and Ra said "cookie"(cure). Apophis asked what kind, and Ra said "weasel cookie"(Walt's cure)
        • In Polish translation of the series weasels has been turned into "wiewiórki" (squirrels), possibly to keep the word which begins with "W"
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    1. The Throne of Fire - Chapter 16: ... But Not as Evil as Romans