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The Waystation is a refuge for demigods, monsters and Hunters of Artemis where they could take shelter if needed. Nero called it the House of Nets due to Britomartis.

Calypso, one resident of the Waystation.



The Waystation is located in a big ornate building at the plaza's south end.


The infirmary contained fully stocked supply cabinet with medicine, surgical tools, and potion ingredients. The hospital bed had built-in monitors, GCI interface, and levitating bariatric slings. Racks of healing herbs dried against the wall next to the portable MRI machine. In the back corner, a glassed-in habitat was seethed with poisonous snakes.

Georgina's Room

This room belonged to Georgina. Sunlight filtered through pink lace curtains onto the hardwood floor of the room. A cozy bed was piled with fluffy comforters, pillows, and stuffed animals. The eggshell-colored walls had been used as a canvas for crayon art—stick-figure people, trees, houses, frolicking animals that might have been dogs or horses or llamas. On the left-hand wall, opposite the bed, a crayon sun smiled down on a field of happy crayon flowers. In the center, a stick-figure girl stood between two larger parental stick figures—all three of them holding hands. But in the farthest corner of the back wall, a scribbly black storm was brewing. Frowning stick figures threatened the llamas with triangular knives. Dark curlicues blotted out a primary-colored rainbow. Scratched over the field of green grass was a huge inky sphere like a black pond, foreshadowing the Bluespring Caverns. That drawing was the the result of Georgina going through the Cave of Trophonius.

Grand Hall

This large cathedral-like hall was at the top of the ramp. Overhead curved a barreled ceiling of wood carvings, with glowing stained-glass panels in the center creating green and gold geometric designs. At the far end of the room, the rose window from outside cast dartboard-line shadows across the painted cement floor. To the left and right there were raised walkways with wrought-iron railings, and elegant Victorian lampposts lined the walls. Behind the railings, rows of doorways led into other rooms. Half a dozen ladders stretched up to the ornate molding at the base of the ceiling, where the ledges were stuffed with hay-like roosts for very large chickens. The whole place had a faint animal scent. In one corner of the main room gleamed a chef’s kitchen big enough to host several celebrity cook-offs at once. Sets of sofas and comfy chairs were clustered here and there. At the center of the hall stood a massive dining table of rough-hewn redwood with seating for twenty. Under the rose window, the contents of several different workshops seemed to have been disgorged at random: table saws, drills, lathes, kilns, forges, anvils, 3-D printers, sewing machines, cauldrons, welding stations and several other industrial appliances.


The Waystation was built in the 1880s by a demigod architect in the early days of the transcontinental railroad.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

The Waystation is shown when Apollo, Leo and Calypso are running from a group of Blemmyae and are rescued and taken there by Hemithea. The Waystation is located at the Union Station, hidden behind a set of bricks near the main entrance. Leo remarks how Emmie just talked to the building, with her replying the Waystation was more than just a building. The Waystation is shown to be a shapeshifting safehouse, with rooms magically appearing and disappearing as per the convenience of those residing there. Emmie and Jo seem to possess some sort of control over how the Waystation behaves.

Throughout the course of the book, the Waystation serves as a refuge for Apollo, as well as Leo and Calypso to take rest in between his various missions, such as rescuing the gryphons, obtaining the throne of Mnemosyne, and rescuing Georgina and the various prisoners participating in Commodus' arena.

However, the gryphons had trackers attached to them, which led to Commodus to attack the Waystation right after Apollo left to go to Trophonius for the prophecy. With the combined efforts of Apollo, Leo, Calypso, Jo, Emmie, Lityerses, the rest of the prisoners, and the Hunters, they were successfully able to thwart Commodus' attack and secure the Waystation.

The Burning Maze

Apollo compares the dull appearance of the Cistern in Aeithales to the fancy structure of the Waystation, but still feels the soothing energy, which made him feel safer inside.

The Tower of Nero

After becoming a god again, Apollo visits the Waystation.


The Waystation is a magical building, similar to the Labyrinth and could change its shape to house any number of people or even animals.

Known Inhabitants


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