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A Wight, also known as Draugr, is an undead creature that collects magical weapons. The place where a Wight lives is called a barrow.


In Norse mythology the Wight, also known as Draugr, was a reanimated corpse that guarded the treasures it was buried with. They usually came to existence when a mean or unpleasant person was not buried in the proper way. [1]

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

After their conversation with Thor, Magnus Chase and Blitzen sat around the campfire. Magnus mentioned that the wind sounded to him like a chorus of zombies. Blitzen answered that Norse zombies are called Draugr. He also states that they move silently and that you never hear them coming (which seems odd, since many myths describe the Draugr as extremely large and heavy).

The Hammer of Thor

According to Otis, there is currently a wight living in Provincetown. Otis thinks that this wight might have the hammer, though later in the book, this was proven to be untrue. Otis also claims that he does not like wights because they remind him of his father. What the connection between his father and wights is, is unknown. Later, Magnus, Hearthstone and Blitzen defeat the wight.


  • These days, wights are mentioned in fantasy series, books, and video games on a regular basis. Famous examples are Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Dungeons & Dragons. However, these things do not always show an accurate view of the creature that resembles the original myths.
  • There are various examples of wights in Norse mythology, including the Grettis Saga, the Eyrbyggja Saga, the Hrómundar Saga Gripssonar, the Laxdæla Saga and the Frithiof's Saga.


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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