The Wilderness School is a boarding school that Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, and Dylan used to attend, located in Nevada. Gleeson Hedge, a satyr, also worked there as a coach because he was supposed to keep an eye on Piper and Leo. Leo describes it as a school for "bad kids," such as perpetual runaways or thieves and delinquents.

Even though it is supposedly host to troublemakers in the state, Jason notes that they all seem pretty normal. They are said to occasionally take field trips. The amnesiac Jason first awoke on a school bus heading to the Grand Canyon. According to Leo, its location is in the middle of the desert, probably to avoid the students from escaping.

Known Students


Jason, Piper and Leo; former students of the Wilderness School.

  • Jason Grace - no longer attending due to realization of being a demigod and did not belong there. Hera put him there in a way to get into Camp Half-Blood.
  • Leo Valdez - no longer attending due to realization of being a demigod.
  • Piper McLean - no longer attending due to realization of being a demigod.
  • Dylan - who was actually a ventus, no longer attending.
  • Isabel - Leader of the popular clique at the school, unknown if she still attends.
  • Unknown - Other unknown children of Wilderness School.

Known Teachers

Gleeson Hedge

Coach Gleeson Hedge


  • Leo attended the Wilderness School because he ran away from foster facilities seven times.
  • Piper was forced to go to the Wilderness School because of her many attempts to get her father to notice her. This includes multiple counts of theft, such as "borrowing" a car. She was sent to the Wilderness School for stealing a BMW from a charmed dealer.
  • Jason Grace never officially attended the Wilderness School. His time there was a manipulation of the Mist created by Hera in order for Jason to be taken, along with Leo and Piper, to Camp Half-Blood.
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