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The Anemoi are the titan-gods of the four winds and the four seasons, sons of Eos and Astraeus — namely Boreas, Zephyros, Notus, and Eurus. Although they are lords of their own winds, they all serve Aeolus


In Greek mythology, the Anemoi, or the Winds, were the four sons of Eos, the goddess of dawn, and Astraeus, the god of dusk. They each represented a different directional wind: North, East, South, and West. Zephyrus, the gentle west wind, was the most benevolent of the four and the one most prominently featured in myth. The other three, Boreas (north wind), Notus (south wind), and Eurus (east wind), had few characteristics aside from that of the wind they controlled. Boreas appeared sometimes in myths, but as he was identified with the cold north, demigods would rather talk to Zephyrus for help.

Of the four chief Anemoi, Boreas was the north wind and bringer of cold winter air; Notus was the south wind and bringer of the storms of late summer; Zephyrus was the west wind and bringer of light spring and early summer breezes; and Eurus, the east wind, the bringer of autumn, and is the only one of these four Anemoi not mentioned in Hesiod's Theogony or in the Orphic Hymns. Additionally, four lesser Anemoi were sometimes referenced, representing the northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest winds.

Wind Gods

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

The Winds were mentioned as defending Olympus from aerial attack by Kronos and the Titan Army. The ability of the gods to instantly teleport from one location to another is a form of air travel, and therefore the Winds are able to prevent the Titans from transporting themselves to Olympus from afar. They also almost blew Blackjack away before he tells them that he was on Percy's side.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

The North Wind god, Boreas, and his children appear when Jason Grace was trying to find storm spirits so they could guide them to Hera's prison. Later, Aeolus appears and initially was going to let them go and continue their quest, but Khione tells him to kill them. The heroes barely escaped with the help of Mellie, a Wind Nymph. It's revealed that the Wind gods have allied themselves to Gaea, and so the seven must leave for Greece on the Summer Solstice when they are at their weakest.

The House of Hades

Jason and Nico di Angelo encounter Favonius in Split, who leads them to Cupid so that they may obtain the scepter. After encountering Boreas's children, Nico, Gleeson Hedge, Jason, Piper McLean, Frank Zhang, and Hazel Levesque land in Notus' palace, where he speaks with Jason constantly about choosing between the two camps while shifting between Greek and Roman forms.

The Blood of Olympus

After the civil war is stopped and the gods Greek and Roman aspects settle down, the four wind gods pull Zeus's chariot into battle.


  • They presumably possesses the standard powers of a god.
  • They are able to move at incredible speeds, even faster than the gods' teleportation powers.
  • Aerokinesis: They each have complete control and divine authority over their respective winds.
  • Each Anemos is able to control powers of their respective season; for example, Boreas can control all things having to do with winter.
  • Seasons Alteration: Each one can control their respective seasons.
The Heroes of Olympus
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