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The Wolf House is a place where Roman demigods start their demigod journey. It is there where Lupa judges whether or not the demigods left there are worthy and strong enough to endure her training. If so, she adopts them as her cubs, like she did with Romulus and Remus, teaching and conditioning them until she judges them worthy of taking their place as Legionnaires of Rome. Then she gives them directions to Camp Jupiter leaving them to fight their way there alone; conquer or die.

Jack London, builder of the Wolf House.


The Wolf House was built by Jack London, a son of Mercury. It is where he later found out he was a Roman demigod. London thought that he could live in it, but it burned in a fire a week before he and his wife were supposed to be moved in. A few years after this event he died, and his ashes are buried on the site.

The Heroes of Olympus

Jason Grace, a Roman demigod who started his journey at the Wolf House.

The Lost Hero

Hera, Queen of the Gods, gave Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, over to a she-wolf named Lupa in the Wolf House. Years later, Jason is reunited with his sister Thalia Grace and they find Hera trapped in the house. Leo Valdez and Piper McLean work together to free Hera while Jason fights Porphyrion (who rose up from the house's pool), a giant born to destroy the gods. After Hera was freed and unleashed her true form (which almost killed Jason), Porphyrion escaped, the monsters died, and the Hunters unfroze.

The land itself is said to be a site with tremendous power, which was the reason that Hera was trapped at this location and the reason Roman demigods start their journey here. Khione's plan was to kill Jason at the Wolf House so that his blood would curse the land, and give Gaea enough energy to awaken. The plan failed however when Leo fought off Khione and Porphyrion retreated after Hera was freed from her cage.

The Son of Neptune

The Wolf House and Lupa are mentioned several times by Percy Jackson, but he never visits this location during the events of the book and it is only mentioned in brief flashbacks.


It was described in The Lost Hero as looking like what a billionaire lumberjack would build. As of The Lost Hero, The Wolf House is now a massive ruin of red and gray stones and rough-hewn timber beams.

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