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Yamuna ("yuh-MOO-nah") is a river Hindu goddess.


Yamuna was the daughter of Surya, the god of the sun, and Saranyu, the goddess of clouds and dusk. Her siblings includes Dharma Raja, Shani and the Ashvins, but Surya considered Yamuna his favorite. According to one tale, Saranyu was unable to bear Surya's heat, so she closed her eyes. But Surya felt insulted and decided to name their son, and Yamuna's twin, Yama (another name for Dharma Raja), meaning "restraint". Saranyu tried her best to keep her eyes open ever since, but once she flickered resulting in Surya giving Yamuna her name.

Yamuna was highly worshiped and was also the name of one of the largest tributary rivers in India.[1] It used to be the home of Kaliya, a poisonous naga. When the goddess, Radha, stopped by she saw the serpent and warned Vrindavan of him. Krishna wanted to punish Kaliya for this so he went to the river only to have Kaliya strangle him. Krishna left under his foster mother's order but not before telling Kaliya to stop causing trouble. Yet, Kaliya pulled him into the Yamuna river the next day when he was trying to get a ball. Krishna made himself bigger then jumped on his head to release to poison so the snake would be unable to pollute the river. Before Krishna attempted to kill him, Kaliya's wives came and prayed for mercy. It was there that Kaliya promised to never harass anybody again, Krishna told him to go to Ramaṇaka island, home of Garuda who would not bother him. Everybody around the Yamuna river were then surprised to find Krishna rising out of the river and dancing Kaliya's head.[2][3]

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  • Her vahana (divine vehicle) is a tortoise.
  • Some versions say that her parents were Brahma and Sanjna.[4]


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