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You remember the Yant’o Triad, surely? Allow me to reintroduce you to Yant’o, Usukun, and Uyitzin— otherwise known as Good, Bad, and Indifferent. Except we all know there isn’t any Good, but it sure rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

–Ah-Puch on the Yant’o Triad in The Storm Runner.

The Yant’o Triad are three powerful beings— Yant’o (yahn-Toe), Usukun (ooh-soo-Koon), and Uyitzin (ooh-yee-tseen). They are creepy brothers whose names mean "Good," "Bad," and "Indifferent" respectively. However, they are all evil towards humanity.


Yant’o Triad are the brothers of Nohochacyum and Hapikern, the god of protection and the world serpent respectively who are always are war with each other.[1]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

After being released from the Beast, Ah-Puch reached out to the Yant’o Triad. When Zane Obispo first meets his father, Hurakan, in the Empty, he tells him of the Yant'o Triad and not to let their names fool him. They arrive at the birthday of Bird and Jordan, the Hero twins, and abduct them on Ah-Puch’s orders. After Zane defeats the death god in the Empty, Nakon rounded up the Yant’o Triad along with the rest of Ah-Puch’s pawns.

The Fire Keeper

When the twins reveal themselves to Zane as the ones behind the kidnapping of the godborns, Jordan mentions Usukun strangling him.


The Yant’o Triad are three huge black winged creatures swooped down. They had bald human heads with sharp chins that were too small for their massive bodies. They sported slick black feathers like Muwan, razor-sharp talons, bulging veins in their necks, foreheads like their blood was too thick, and wings with a fifteen-foot span. Their teeth were black like they'd been stained with ink and their breath smelled worse than rotting meat in July. All three are identical except for their glowing eyes, which are yellow, orange, and purple.


  • Jun'ajpu' and Xb'alamkej have apparently encountered the triad before they were abducted by them.
  • The concept of deity triads were ancient to the Maya as far back as the Late Preclassic. Another notable triad is the one containing Tohil, Awilix and Jacawitz.[2]


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