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Yasmany Robles is a friend of Gabi Real in the Sal & Gabi series. He attends Culeco Academy of the Arts as a dance student.


In the forth grade Gabi gave him a teddy bear for Valentines Day because she had a crush on him.

One year before the start of the series, Yasmany started out at Culeco Academy of the Arts. However he bullied other students and ended up on probation by the end of the school year.

Sal & Gabi series

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

As Yasmany struggles with his combination lock, Sal Vidon offers to help him. However he gets angry and swats Sal’s diabetes bag out of his hand. Sal begins to say he has a raw chicken in his locker, Yasmany thinks he’s bluffing until someone sees blood dripping from it. He goes to open the locker but can’t work the lock, so Sal helps him, since he has the combination on the back. Yasmany opens the locker and a raw chicken falls on the floor. The students around them flee and he protests his innocence, Sal actually a portal to an alternate-universe chicken factory. Both boys are sent to Principal Torres’ office. After talking with Sal she turns towards Yasmany and expels him, however he tells her to wait for his “lawyer” and moments later Gabi Real enters the office. Gabi explains that he has been unable to open his locker all year, and has witnesses who say Sal opened the locker. Sal claims it was an illusion, but he calls him out and gets detention for swearing. He shows them his shoes, which have been mysteriously cleaned of blood. Gabi tries to calm him down while Principal Torres calls, Mr. Milagros, the custodian, to ask him about the cleanup, but he says the chicken vanished. Principal Torres concludes the chicken was an illusion. As they are about to leave Sal convinces Principal Torres to give him another chance rather then expulsion. She assigns him a five page paper on type-one diabetes instead, much to his relief and frustration.

At the end of the day he struggles with his lock but he is unknowingly helped by Sal. He dances in excitement before going to detention.

The following day he talks with Sal after he pranks Gabi. He says his paper is going good and asks if Sal likes likes Gabi romanticly. Sal denies this and he teases them again when again comes out. She playfully attacks him. Later in detention, he overhears Gabi reading Sal’s note and, like everyone else enjoys it. The others help him with his paper and he is freaked out by Sal using his Blood glucose meter. When detention ends he heads to dance recital.

The following day, Principal Torres drags him to her office for the “last straw”. Sal goes in to help defend him, he says something about his mother before Principal Torres has Sal leave. Later that day he does not show up for detention and Daniel Miranda Rivero has Sal ask Principal Torres. She says Yasmany went home and that he needs friends at the moment.

When Sal and Gabi go to school that night, she sees his teddy bear and angrily text him. Yadmany says he is in the downstairs bathroom. Sal and Gabi meet up with him and she scolds him for not coming to her. They both look to Sal for help and he farts, making them laugh. He agrees to get his things and go to the hospital. After Gabi tries and fails to give him a wedgie, he lifts her up by her belt loop and carries her out of the room. At the hospital the Reals feed him and mess around with him. When Dulce Sotolongo meets him and shows Sal and him to their room, he asks Sal if she is single. He asks Sal why he does the thing he does before repedidly apologizing to him. He wakes up at noon and everyone greets him while he gets breakfast. Yasmany asks Sal for his phone to call Principal Torres and he obliges, when he finishes he eats next to Gabi. Soon Principal Torres arrives with Cari-dad, a police officer, and a social worker. He talks with them as they take him to his aunt’s house. He returns Sal’s hug and gets annoyed when he learns that Nurse Sotolongo went home a few hours before he woke up. Principal Torres offers to help him with his diabetes paper and they leave.

He returns to school Wednesday with stable living conditions and he becomes the first student to conquer the red wall.


Ballet Shoes

His ballet shoes

Yasmany Robles is a Cuban boy with brown skin. He was built like a track-and-field champ, with a haircut so short you could see the bumpy skin of his scalp beneath what was left of his tiny curls.[1]


Yasmany Robles is shown to have a short temper and mocks others. But there’s more to him than meets the eye, just like all the students at Culeco Academy, that's why Gabi has taken him under her wing.

Despite his stubbornness and aggression, Yasmany possesses the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer.


  • Yasmany is a masculine given name of Cuban origin.
  • Robles is Spanish for “Oaks”.


  • He keeps his locker combination on the back of his lock.
  • Yasmany tends to swear often.
  • He owns a pink teddy bear with hearts for eyes named Oso Amoroso.
  • Yadmany’s favorite food is pernil, a slow roasted pork leg or shoulder cut usually served around the holidays in Latin America.
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