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Ymir (pronounced "EE-meer") was one of the first Jotunn to emerge into existence.


Ymir was one of three beings to emerge from the primordial void, Ginnungagap (he is preceded by Surt, the primordial Fire Giant that melted Niflheim's ice and instigated Ymir's birth, and followed by Audhumbla, the primordial aurochs that nourished Ymir with her milk), and the first Ice Jotunn.

Niflheim, the world he once ruled over.

His children, born from the sweat in his armpits and feet, ruled Niflheim the World of Ice. Ymir was finally slain by Odin and his brothers, and his body was used to form Midgard the World of Humans. Ymir's flesh became the earth, his blood – the sea, his bones – the mountains, and his teeth – rocks and cliffs. Finally, Ymir's skull became the sky, protecting Midgard from above. The maggots that chewed through his decaying flesh evolved into the first Dwarves.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Ymir was first mention by Harald, a frost giant. He yelled "Ymir's blood!" when the boat rocking while Magnus Chase was reeling in Jormungand. Later, in Folkvanger, Blitzen explains to Magnus how the dwarves came to be when maggots burrowed in Ymir's flesh.

The Hammer of Thor

Thrym calls to Ymir when putting on the rings to marry Samirah al-Abbas (really Alex Fierro).


  • Ymir name literally translates to "The Scream". His true Jötunn name, Aurgelmir, means "Earth-Screamer".
  • His Hindu counterpart is Purusha.
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