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This article is about the boy with the nickname. For the book, see The Storm Runner.

I didn't know what my destiny strand had in store for me the next month, or year, or five years. I didn't know what was going to happen with the gods and the rogue godborns. But maybe I didn’t need to know. Maybe that was the best part of life: figuring out the now.

–Zane upon reflection the events of the past few weeks in The Shadow Crosser.

Zane Obispo is the main character and narrator of the Storm Runner Trilogy under Rick Riordan Presents. He is a fourteen-year-old Mayan godborn, the son of Hurakan, one of the two Mayan creator gods and the Mayan god of wind, storms and fire, and an unnamed human woman. He was the foretold one in the Prophecy of Fire, the Storm Runner. He is currently in a relationship with Brooks.


Early Life

Zane Obispo was born to Hurakan, the Mayan god of storms and fire, and Mrs. Obispo, a mortal woman. Before he was even a year old, Zane would speak in complete sentences. Around this time, he also touched his mother's curling iron without being burned. He would also try to crawl out into the desert. When he was two, his maternal grandmother died, with her grave being close to his house. When Zane was eight his mother gave him a five part encyclopedia set on the history of Mexico, he would heavily favor the second volume. He once accidentally broke his uncle's taillight with his cane and stole a pack of sour patch kids from the dollar store. In elementary school, he had a teacher named Mr. Hawkins.

Finding Rosie

When Zane was about nine or ten he found Rosie, a half-boxer, half-dalmatian mixed breed dog, wandering the desert and took her in after promising his mother he would take care of her.

Dropping out of School

When Zane was twelve he dropped out of school because of constant harassment from bullies about his uneven legs. He agreed to be home schooled for one year until his mother could find another school.

During this time Zane would work as an assistant to his two neighbors, he would work as Ms. Cab's assistant in her phone psychic business to pay for Rosie’s food and help Mr. Ortiz with his pepper gardening. Zane would also teach himself a variety of different facts by reading books during his homeschooling days.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

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Zane's new dragon head cane

One night his mother joyously informs him that he was accepted to the Holy Ghost Private School and would be starting the next day. He tries to talk her out of it to no success and reluctantly agrees. She gives him a new cane as a present. After relaxing in his room for a brief time he goes hiking up the Beast, a nearby volcano. Rosie is eager to leave but he does not. Zane sees a mysterious craft crash close by and sees a creature in the downed aircraft. Soon after, he falls off the cliff. When Zane wakes up his mother finds him and hugs him. He gets worried when he does not see Rosie, but she shows up and he hugs her. He is checked out by the paramedics and questioned by the police. Mr. Ortiz and Ms. Caballero soon arrive to check up on Zane. Soon Rosie bolts into the desert and Zane follows after her. When he catches her he sees the creature in the craft. It starts to approach him until his mother arrives and vanishes. His mother states that she did not see it. Later that night he checks his encyclopedia and sees a picture of the creature, a demon of Xib'alb'a, the Mayan underworld.

The next day at school he is beat up by a kid who claims to hit him by accident until he hits him in the head with his cane, resulting in Zane being sent to Father Baumgarten's office. While waiting he meets a girl named Brooks, who vanishes when he gets out of the office. When at home with his uncle later that night Brooks arrives at his house and says they need to talk. He slams the door in her face and she knocks until Hondo lets her in. She asks to speak somewhere private until his mother comes home and she decides to come back to following night. The next day he asked a secretary about Brooks, however she says no one with that name attends the school. He gets frustrated by this and asks her his name, resulting in detention. Mr. Ortiz picks him up and Brooks is waiting for him. He tries to ask her about the demon but she keeps telling him he is in danger. They go into the backyard and Rosie nearly attacks her. Just as he calms the dog down, Brooks vanishes. He soon finds that she turned into a hawk and perched in a nearby tree. He tells Hondo that Rosie was barking at nothing and his uncle returns to wrestling. He calms Rosie down and gets Brooks to come out of the tree. She tells him to come to the volcano and Zane reluctantly agrees. She tells Zane she is a Nawal, a Mayan shapeshifter, and what he saw the other night was a Demon Runner. She also tells Zane that he is the subject of a Mayan prophecy. As they reach the entrance, Brooks tells him of how Ah-Puch was imprisoned in an artifact by the others gods and locked away. She tells him that by finding the entrance, he sent out a signal to the death god's henchmen. Brooks also tells Zane he is destined to free the Ah-Puch. He is alarmed by this, but Brooks tells him he just needs to find it so she can take it away. She tells him it can only be opened during a solar eclipse where it was buried. They hear a noise and see a demon runner. Brooks tries to fend it of but her plan fails and they run. He chooses to sacrifice himself to save the others. However, Rosie gets past him and bites the creature's thought as it oozes poison. Zane shoves the monster and gets poisoned himself. It rips Rosie off and throws her against a wall. Zane then agrees to help it before driving his cane into the creature's stomach. It dissolves in a pile of goo.

He cradles Rosie as the poison kills her and she dissolves before his eyes. Brooks drags him out of the cave and they head down the volcano. She tells Zane he is supernatural before leaving when a pair of headlights arrive and he passes out. When he wakes up he is in Ms. Cab's living room and she tells him she is a Nik'wachinel, a Mayan seer, who came to watch over him and informs Zane that he is only part human. She tells Zane that is the reason he survived the poison and his excellent vision at night. She does not know what or who his father is, but only his mother knows. He urges her to bring Rosie back, but she says if she does Rosie will not be the same. He urges her to do this and she agrees if he promises to stay home for the rest of the night. He agrees and goes home.

While waiting for his mom he reads about Xia'alb'a and Ah-Puch. He gets fed up with waiting and has Mr. Ortiz drive him to the bank. He gets his mom's attention and asks who is father is. Just then an Alux shows up and tries to kill him. They try to find a safe place but it gets in before they could reach the safety deposit box cage. Honda arrives and distracts it so they can escape. Despite his please not to leave his uncle, his mother drives until they break down at a farm. She gets out and tells Zane to run. He sees the alux hold a knife to his mother's throat, but Brooks arrives before anything happens. He follows them in the field after checking up on his mother. He returns with Brooks and they head home. His mother offers her to stay the night and she accepts. They wonder who sent the alux to kill Zane and are determined to not release Ah-Puch. He wakes up at 2:30 the following afternoon to Hondo telling him his mother is out. He goes to change clothes and bathe and after hears Rosie coming from the volcano.

Swimming under the Beast with Brooks

He hobbles toward the volcano to find Rosie, he reaches his entrance and goes inside. Zane touches a wall that was covered in demon runner venom. Brooks arrives and told him to squeeze it out. She slits his forearm and he does so. Brooks tells him that the call came to him as Rosie's distress call. He hears it again and finds a cavern with a pool and sleeping demon runners on the ceiling. He senses that Ah-Puch is in the pool and soon the demon runners wake up and surround them, telling him to free the death god. He takes Brooks by the hand and plunges into the pool. He leads Brooks to another underground chamber, but before he can help her out she is dragged under by a demon runner. He frees her and watches as the creature disintegrates. He tries to save Brooks to no avail. Zane sees a glowing column containing a small ceramic owl, the prison of Ah-Puch. Zane agrees to release him if he can save Brooks and bring Rosie back. After he agrees, Zane climbs the wall and smashes the owl.

After Ah-Puch is freed he sends Zane and a newly arrived Muwan to a penthouse balcony in Los Angeles. He pleads with the death god to save Brooks and return Rosie. Ah-Puch agrees, but only if Zane becomes a soldier of death and answers his call in three nights. He hears a man's voice saying no and sees someone in a neighboring skyscraper. He agrees and pledges himself before being blown away. While falling he sees his mother with the man who told him to reject Ah-Puch, realizing he is his father. He wakes up in his bedroom with Brooks and looks for Rosie to no success. He and Brooks hear each other's thoughts. She realizes that Zane is the son of a Mayan God. He asks her how to turn it off and she leaves in frustration. When he catches up Brooks, she realizes Zane agreed to survive Ah-Puch. He tells her this will never happen. Hondo tells them a giant chicken is at the door and they follow it to Ms. Cab's house where Mr. Ortiz soon shows up. He soon realizes that the chicken is Ms. Cab. She tells him all the soothsayers have been turned into animals and translates for the other. Hondo and Mr. Ortiz quickly accept what he tells them and goes with Brooks and Hondo to find an entrance to Xib'alb'a. Before they leave he takes one of Ms. Cab’s eyes and goes with Mr. Ortiz. He gives Zane La Muerte, a pepper so hot it can paralyze the eater for hours, to use against Ah-Puch. He goes home to help Hondo with a not to his mother and they find a way to Xib'alb'a in Venice Beach, California and realize Ah-Puch wants revenge against the hero twins. Brooks tells them the twins are arrogant, but they think this is the best option. She tells them their Birthday is the following day and says she was invited. The three set out.

On the road he dreams of Rosie and sees knock-off like reflections in trees. He wakes and they stop for dinner at a fast food restaurant in Yuma. As they finish they see demons disguised as themselves in biker outfits approach them. They leave they see them in the parking lot as doubles of themselves and demand Brooks. A fight breaks out and he struggles briefly before defeating his double along with his uncle. However five more arrive and take the form of Brooks. After the real one snaps at him he and Hondo take care of the rest. While on the road, Brooks tells him she lost her powers. He is surprised by this and asks Brooks to explain, but she does not. He dreams of Ms. Cab telling him to attack Ah-Puch in his blind spot. When he wakes up he sees they at a beach in San Diego. He tries to wake Brooks before going to put his feet in the Pacific Ocean. He sees a woman who tells him to come closer. She introduces herself as Pacific, the former Mayan goddess of time. She tells him his father sent her because a pact was made to not sire anymore demigod children under the threat of death for them and their children. Before leaving she gives him jaguar jade and calls him storm runner. She sends Zane back to shore. When he returns to Hondo and Brooks they dead to Venice Beach. He sees a tarot card reader who knows about the prophecy of fire. Before he can ask more, Brooks drags him away. He and Hondo follow Brooks to a shop run by her friend Jazz. He gives them obsidian coins to see the twins and tells them the gods know of Ah-Puch's escape and they are blaming one another for it, he also says he will personally punch who ever released Ah-Puch out of the Milky Way. After helping him keep his blood sugar up, he hears Jazz hum the song the tarot card reader was humming. He asks how Zane could know this because he was invisible. Before Zane can answer her feels a stabbing pain in his leg and passes out.

When he wakes up he finds himself in a jungle by a pyramid as a jaguar. Another jaguar appears and introduces himself as Hurakan, the god of storms and his father. Zane is in disbelief as he questions his father and that they are in a place called the Empty, a realm of his creation. After awhile he believes him. He asks his father why he chose to contact him now, however his father told him that he sent the storms to hide him from the other gods who he was scared or angry. Zane asks him why Pacific called him storm runner when he realizes he can not run from Ah-Puch. His father scolds him for making the deal with Ah-Puch. He tells his son to seek out the White Sparkstriker in the Old World. Zane says he has his own plans and runs off. Before Zane leaves, Hurakan catches up with him and says Zane short leg is his snake leg and it makes him strong. He returns to his body and the tell him he was out for hours. Brooks tells him they told Jazz he faints when he gets nervous. The giant gives Zane hot chocolate that, unknown to him, can only be consumed by a supernatural. Jazz calls him out on this but Brooks says he is a magician. Jazz gives them formal wear to make them more attractive and lends them his fastest scooter. During the ride he tells the others his father is Hurakan. They avoid the police when Honda hits the turbo button. They arrive at the Beverly Hills Hotel and head to the third floor. Brooks tells him and Hondo they will have to play a game with the twins and offer to trade magic to get the information they need to stop Ah-Puch.

They find the ticket taker and Brooks manages to get them in. She calls him Rana (frog), and they head to the elevator. They arrive and the party and one of the twins, Jordan, says hello to Brooks. Zane learns that he is forcing Brooks's sister to marry him and he takes them to Bird, the other twin. They ask the twins for advice on how to defeat Ah-Puch, but they brush off the question. After watching a man reluctantly trade his daughter's beauty for a job, Zane becomes enraged and shows his Jaguar Jade. This intrigues the twins and they agree to a game and to give them the information they want if they win, if they get the Jaguar Jade if the they win, Zane agree. They flip a coin, Jaguar or death, he calls jaguar but it lands on death. As they exit Jordan finds his spiked hot chocolate and drinks. He notices Hondo is feeling out of place and Brooks informs them that Hondo has been poisoned. Zane is infuriated and they start the game. The twins allow him to score and the hoop bursts into flames when he does so, however he is not burned. Bird notices this and Brooks calls for sudden death. Shortly after Muwan and Ah-Puch arrive and thank him for leading them to the twins. Zane realizes that the tattoo is a tracking beacon that can lead the death god to him. Ah-Puch tells Zane how the twins lied about defeating him to boost their image for humanity and trick the gods into their pact. Before leaving with the twins, he tells Zane he will see him soon. He and Brooks struggle with Honda until Jazz arrives and takes his uncle. The giant leads them to the edge of the building where they jump onto a flying cart manned by Flanco. Flanco takes them to Jazz’s boat and they jump into the sea with him supporting Brooks. He feels pure hatred for wasting time on the twins and for what they did to Hondo. Jazz informs them that they are heading to the Old World through one of the god's gates. Zane starts to worry when he learns Jazz put cameras in their enchanted clothes, but is relieved when he learns thy do not pick up audio.

After Jazz heads below deck, Brooks explains why she came to him. She tells him how she promised Ixtab Ah-Puch in exchange for her sister's freedom. She also told him he had a choice to ignore the call. Zane says he could not do that since she was going to die. Soon after Brooks falls asleep he sees a figure approaching the boat. The figure introduces himself as K'ukumatz and, with Pacific who arrives moments later, they explain that they are going to shave a few hours off their trip to the Old World. Zane gets frustrated that Hurakan does not see him in person, the two tell Zane that he will reach his full potential in the Old World. The pair leave and Brooks wakes up soon after. He tells her K'ukumatz and Pacific were going to shorten their trip and she is upset he did not get K'ukumatz's autograph.

He dreams of Ms. Cab, who tells him to hurry and that his mother and Mr. Ortiz are okay. Jazz wakes him and Brooks to give him a personal item to open the gateway. He donates his cane and it opens the gate. Jazz questions him on his connection to the gods. Soon the walls start to close in and his mark burns and peels away to reveal Ah-Puch's eyes. Jazz inflates a raft and hoists everyone but Zane on board. He gives Brooks his Jaguar Jade, which she drops, and he plunges his wrist into the water. As the fish start to eat his wrist Brooks pull him out and bandages his hand. He is relieved when Hondo wakes up and hugs his uncle. The walls stop and they get back on the boat until they can not sail anymore. When they head to shore he tells Jazz he is godborn and the giant realizes Zane was the one who freed Ah-Puch. Brooks intervenes and says she would be dead if it was not for Zane. This calms Jazz down and they head to the lightning striker to train Zane.

After walking for about an hour the group finds five pyramids that Jazz says was once the meeting place of the five most important gods and goddesses in the Mayan pantheon. The giant tells them to make camp and a few hours later he comes face to face with a masked figure. He follows her and she introduces herself as Nobody before turning into an eagle and flying off Zane finds a hole leading to an underground river with quick flashing lights coming out of a cave on the side. He goes down in the hole to investigate. He finds Saqik'oxol and she gives him a spear-cane and he fishes a lightning bolt out of the pool. She tells him to lay on her slab so she can pound the bolt into his serpent leg. Zane is reluctant and she tells him that by doing this, she will unlock whatever powers he inherited from Hurakan. Zane agrees to this and Saqik'oxol proceeds with the procedure. He soon spirit jumps to the Empty and speaks with his father. Hurakan tells Zane that he has received one of his powers and he quickly realizes it is fire. Hurakan tells him to draw in energy from the sun, but he nearly burns up before a wave cools him down. His father tells him to release the energy or he will burn from the inside out. He is then pulled back into his body and informs the sparkstriker of his dominant power. Shortly after she tells Zane that Ah-Puch has arrived.

Nobody soon returns and he realizes she is Quinn, Brooks's sister. Saqik'oxol has a vision and she informs them the gods are near. He and Quinn take of to find Ah-Puch. He reveals that, unless he kills Ah-Puch, he is bound to serve him. As they fly over his camp, he sees Jazz and Hondo but not Brooks. He tells Quinn to look for her but she says they must do it later. Soon they are attacked by Muwan. The owl slashes one of Quinn's wings sending then spiraling down towards the jungle bellow, however Zane hits Muwan in the chest with his spear, send her down as well. He manages to get Quinn to land in a clearing, soon Brooks arrives with the jaguar jade he lost earlier. Soon Ah-Puch arrives and brings his demon runners. Zane summons his spear and takes one out. Moments later Ixtab arrives and tries to burn Ah-Puch with a fireball. Zane blocks it and walks away unharmed. As Ah-Puch is distracted, he goes in for the kill. However Ixtab summons two Hellhounds, one he realizes as Rosie.

Zane is shocked to see Rosie again. However, Ah-Puch imprisons him in a smoke cage and he watches the battle. The death god soon releases Zane and the throws his spear, only for Ah-Puch to teleport behind him at the last second. As Ah-Puch squires his neck, the gods arrive. He father announces Zane as the one in the prophecy of fire and his son, he feels heat explode through out his body and his father tells him his full power has now been awakened. Ixtab manages to convince the gods to let Zane fight him and they accept. Rosie then breaths fire at him, he sends both him and Ah-Puch to the Empty. The death god, in the form of a snake with maggots, tells Zane he will die regardless of the outcome and offers once again to train him. Zane declines and attacks him, Ah-Puch throws Zane off and the godborn runs towards an abyss. He throws both himself and Ah-Puch into the abyss and throws fire at him, setting him falling to the bottom on fire and swearing vengeance.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in a cell in Xib'alb'a. Ixtab comes over to him and tells him to write his story on a sheet of truth paper from Itzamna that multiplies to as much as he needs and a pen. She tells him his story will be used as an example to all gods who break the oath and, when he is done, he will pound stone until he turns to dust. He asks the goddess if he is dead, which she confirms. However, when he finishes she takes him to a room and tells him he is actually alive but he will have to hide to insure the gods think he is dead. Ixtab reveals that she and Hurakan have been working together for weeks to give Zane a fighting chance against the former ruler of Xib'alb'a. She summons Rosie and the two happily reconnect. She says that his father is imprisoned for the moment, the gods decided that they may need his power someday. She tells Zane that there were other godborns, but they were hidden away and have since died, then she tells him they must move.

As they travel he wonders what will become of Pacific and Mat. When they arrive he sees his hiding place, a two-floor beach house on Isla Holbox. Before leaving Ixtab gives him his cane and Rosie. He is greeted by his mother and Hondo, who tell him they plain to open a surf shop. As they drink and relax on the deck, they are greeted by Mr. Ortiz and Ms. Cab, who is back to human, when they come to visit. Later, when he and Rosie are relaxing on the beach, Brooks arrives. She tells him that she and Quinn are now fugitives. He tells her he plans to liberate Hurakan, but she tells him to wait. He watches her fly off as he and Rosie play in the water. He feels that Ixtab is wrong, that there are still other godborns out there, they might've been reading his postscripts.

Zane takes online courses as opposed to going to school and would celebrate his fourteenth birthday on the island. A month before setting out to save his father, Zane nearly kissed Brooks at a bonfire.

The Fire Keeper

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During lent, Zane and Brooks are paddling along an underground river on Isla Holbox to meet an informant sent by Jazz to tell them about the current status of Hurakan, who is moved every few weeks by the gods for security reasons. When they exit the tunnel, they enter a rainstorm and Brooks transforms a giant hawk and flies Zane to the meeting point, a white sand beach. As the messenger bird arrives with the coconut containing the message, Rosie appears out of nowhere and attacks the bird. Brooks turns into a hawk and the son of Hurakan rides on her back. As they try to calm the bird Rosie attacks it. Just as the bird reaches the limits of Isla Holbox, it vanishes and the coconut falls into the Caribbean Sea. Brooks hits the force field around the island, but they catch the coconut and return home. They crack it open and find that Hurakan is being held at WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort in Rapid City, South Dakota and is scheduled to be moved on March 24th, in four days. Rosie returns and Brooks searches the barrier for weak points. While she is gone, Zane pets Rosie and questions if she hates him for becoming a hellhound. Brooks returns and reveals she found a weak point, but it closed as soon as she tore a hole in it. Zane then considers using The Beast, something Ixtab told him to do only if the gods find out he is alive and Brooks suggests they use the Gateway Map to find a portal out of the island. They decide to set out in the morning and Hondo calls them for dinner.

He soon finds out that the nearest portal is in Cancun and considers using his Jaguar Jade to break the barrier by giving it to Brooks. That night he hears someone telling him "time for the story to escalate" and "she's here". The son of Hurakan goes outside and finds a girl in a rowboat rowing to shore. Soon Rosie arrives and starts to bark, but soon calms down and becomes friendly with the stranger. The girl reaches shore but falls and hits her head and the two rush over. After Rosie heals her, the girl pushes him away in fright before realizes who he is and gets exited, saying she read the book the gods forced him to write. The girl introduces herself as Ren Santiago, another godborn and explains her story to Zane. He tests her by using telepathy to talk to her and she responds, confirming her status. When she is done, Zane notices shadows behind her and she says she can control them and demonstrates. Zane questions what to do with her and tells Ren to stay on the island for the time being. Soon she falls asleep and something comes out of the boat. He and Rosie fight of the creatures and are soon joined by Brooks. Their attacks have no effect against the creatures until Ren wakes up and banishes them. She explains how the creatures sometimes materialize from her dreams and that they leave when she tells them to. Brooks pulls him aside and asks what to do, he says to convince his mother to let her stay and that their plans have not changed.

He sleeps in a hammock outside of Brooks's casita and Hondo wakes him at 9:00. Zane rushes to get ready and Hondo reveals he knows about the book and Ren. He explains that his mother took her around town and as they reach his room. Soon after his mother arrives and asks Hondo to ready a cart for a tour and scolds Zane for sending out a call to other godborns. She tells him he has a tour and that Ren is with Ms. Cab and her abeulo is on his way down. Zane worries he will be followed and his mother leaves. Zane then goes to wake Brooks and the half-nawal scolds him for letting her sleep so late. She asks where Ren is and rushes to get going, however he leaves to find Ren first.

He reaches Ms. Cab's house and she offers him homemade chocolate that he takes, she mentions a vision, something the island’s magic prevents her from having and she then has him read a not that said Ixtab trapped him on Isla Holbox with no way out, Zane feels angry and dizzy and realizes that this Ms. Cab is a fake. She then opens up a nearby bird and releases a swarm of beetles that attack the son of Hurakan. He has visions of a red dessert with messages written in the sand asking for help and soon Brooks and Rosie arrive as well as Mr. Ortiz. The fake Ms. Cab then appears to snap out of some kind of trance and he shields her when Brooks has Rosie incinerate Ms. Cab. Zane absorbs the fire and puts out the fake Ms. Cab, only to find her and Ren tied up in the kitchen. He and the others free the two and they explain that a Mud Person ambushed her and took her place. They brainstorm on what it was after and realize someone wanted to know how Zane's powers work and that someone knows he is alive. Ms. Cab explains that she had a brief vision and warns Zane that whatever path he chooses, the gods will be angry and that the Prophecy of Fire is only the beginning. He rushes away and suggests they use The Beast to get to Xib'alb'a, Brooks calls him crazy but Ren backs Zane's plan. He then becomes flustered when Ren says he described how Brooks looks in a dress. Just then Hondo arrives and reveals he knows Ren is a godborn and asks to join their quest when they fill him in. He reluctantly agrees and the five head out.

They hike to the beast Zane writes a note to his mother and has Rosie drop it off at Ms. Cab. When Ren zones out, he and Hondo put her on Rosie's back and continue. They reach the entrance and Ren wakes up. The five wander through the tunnels until Rosie senses something in a dead end. He uses Fuego to open a gateway to a snowy landscape, the Rattle House. All but Ren enters, who feels that its the wrong way, and the doorway vanishes. Soon the ice starts to crack and Brooks realizes Zane is melting the ice. After Hondo inadvertently triggers Rosie, the ice cracks and they end up in a snowy tornado. He and Hondo are saved by Brooks and Rosie sprouts bat wings and flies. However the room freezes over and they are trapped in an icy cavern with giant eyes everywhere. Soon Ren appears out of an elevator and Quinn arrives to ask why they are there. She agrees to help them get through the underworld in exchange for the Gateway Map and does not promise Ixtab will not notice them before they head down an escalator. Quinn takes them to Clementino, who desires what is salvaged and destroyed in Xib'alb'a, for new clothes and a sanitizing to hide their human sent. The four are given old fast food employee uniforms and new sneakers, with his pair being to small for his larger left foot, and they set out into the underworld. They reach a door and Quinn tells them to make no sound and breath only when necessary. She pushes it open to reveal a waist land and she and Brooks change into giant birds and fly the others across it. He and Hondo go with Quinn and Ren goes with Brooks while Rosie scouts out ahead. They encounter a winged Demon Runner and more arrive when Hondo screams. The nawals take evasive maneuvers and retreat into the mountains.

Zane braces himself for impact but soon notices they are somewhere else. Quinn tells them that Ixtab knows they are there and they must see her now. When they arrive Ixtab asks why they are in Xib'alb'a. He tells his that a Mud Person appeared on the island to steal his powers. She dismisses it and then, after a telepathic conversation with Ren. She asks the others to leave so she can speak with Zane alone and she takes him to the terrace. She reveals that she has gotten visions of children ranging from ten to fifteen being abducted from their beds and shows Zane them. He notices a golden cuff link in the image and Ixtab recognizes it as the symbol of Tlaltecuhtli, the Mexica earth goddess and believes they are responsible for the abductions. Ixtab brushes the theory off and explains that due to the conquest by Hernán Cortés, the Mexica Gods went extinct along with their worshipers with only a handful of royals who could not enter the afterlife remaining. Zane thinks they could be working with a Mayan god and she considers this before Quinn arrives and tells the goddess she has a call. Quinn then tells Zane to take Brooks and his friends and get out. Ixtab returns and tells them "It has begun." She tells Quinn to ready her forces and takes Zane to a rowboat in the blood river. She explains that he must set out to rescue the godborns as he is the one who put them in danger and she explains that she sent out her forces to destroy the extra pages of his book. Zane agrees to do so if she can free his father, which Ixtab refuses as if they gods learn she helped Hurakan escape then she will be killed and, as his safety net, Zane will be hunted down by the gods until he is dead. She asks Zane to put his hand in the river to strengthen his connection to the godborns, the son of Hurakan refuses and she tosses him overboard. While he was submerged his darkest secrets inadvertently reveal themselves and Ixtab asks if Zane is the one to find the godborns and something tells her "yes". He returns to the patio and Ixtab tells him she must temporarily kill him for three days to hide him from the gods, however if he does not return to Xib'alb'a by then he will die permanently. He tries to get Ixtab to free his dad in return but she does not budge. His jade vibrates like crazy and he goes to tell the others.

When he reaches them he asks Ren what she and Ixtab talked about earlier. She hesitates but before she can answer Itzel arrives with their new rental clothing to protect them even outside Xib'alb'a. He is given gray sneakers, jeans, and a purple t-shirt. After they change he tells Brooks about Ixtab's plan to temporarily kill him so they can rescue the godborns and she is against it due to all the ways it could backfire. He then feels the jade vibrating and chooses to speak with his father in The Empty. After telling her they could learn where he is being taken next, she agrees to watch over his body.

When he arrives in The Empty, he sees it falling apart and hears a voice. He runs down to find Hurakan, haggard and disheveled, and tells him to abandon his quest for him and search for the godborns and that The Empty will die with him. He also says he has been waiting for Zane but did not call him as he could not. His father vanishes and his voice tells Zane to go to the pyramid. When he reaches the top Zane finds a letter his father wrote before facing Ah-Puch in the Old World. After he tells his father that supernaturals are losing their powers, Hurakan realizes the Fire Keeper, a mythical being who fans the fires of life and can manipulate the powers of others as well as the future and can see everything, is behind the loss of powers. Hurakan tells him to find the Fire Keeper before he is ejected from The Empty. He ends up back in his body and tells Brooks what happened and decides to accept Ixtab's offer. He meets up with Ren and Hondo and tells them his plan and they set out to find Ixtab. The four wander through a battle to find the queen of Xib'alb'a, Along the way he pushes Brooks out of the way of a flaming arrow and controls the fire, leading them to realize that hi powers work best under stress. Soon Quinn, Rosie and Ixtab arrive and he accepts her deal. He shakes Ixtab's hand and she gives him a blue corn kernel that will allow him to return to Xib'alb'a from anywhere and warns him not to miss the deadline and vanishes, leaving Quinn to complete the rest of the Death Ceremony. As they walk he asks Ren what Ixtab told her but she says nothing. They reach a waterfall and dive into it.

When they emerge the are at a wedding reception in San Miguel de Allende and Quinn informs them that, despite spending spending ten hours in Xib'alb'a, only two hours have passed since they entered the land of the dead. She takes them through a church, where he lights a candle and makes a silent prayer to save Hurakan and the godborns. They come to a house named El Grito to meet with Fausto, a dark magician who will perform the Death Ceremony. As they enter they see trees with masks dangling from them and are soon greeted by Fausto. He tells Zane to pick a mask and put it on. He selects a jade mask with large eye and nose holes but the mouth is closed and Fausto tells him it belonged to the Red Queen. Before he puts it on Fausto gives him a list of side effects and informs Zane it will reduce his life essence to two percent, to low for the gods to pick up, and the son of Hurakan puts on the mask. He is then taken to a tomb and speaks with the Red Queen. She tells him that he must find the Fire Keeper at Land's End, her descendant, to save both Hurakan and the godborns, however he must go alone as only a god one with the blood of a god can find the fire keeper and his identity must remain hidden.

Zane returns and the others stare at him while Rosie growls and backs away. Fausto lets them spend the night and they have chicken wings for dinner. Before going to bed he does research and find a Land's End at Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur. He wakes up at 4:03 A.M. and decides to sneak away. He sneaks into Brooks's room to check the Gateway Map and finds one at a bus stop fifteen minutes away that closes in fourth five minutes. When he exits he sees a cat that turns into Quinn, who lets him go but informs him Hurakan will be executed rather then moved. She then leaves to attend to other matters and as he leaves Rosie spots him and grows. She then softens up to Zane and they see Ren sleeping on a bench before shadow creatures attack them. He and Rosie fight it until Ren wakes up and banishes the creature. He makes excuses to leave but Ren refuses to leave his side. She then reveals she knows he is not telling the others something about the Red Queen and she reveals what Ixtab told her, that if the gods found out her family were brujos, they would be killed. She explains it has something about being Mexican but stops when Ah-Puch shows up. He uses his clothing's camouflage feature but Ren has trouble with hers and she has the shadows mask her. As Ah-Puch walks by he calls Zane out and he turns the camouflage function off. After Ah-Puch explains how he got out of The Empty and formed a connection to Zane, spying on his through his jade and calling him to The Empty. Ah-Puch offers the son of Hurakan a deal, to take him to the Fire Keeper within minutes and allows Zane to make the terms in exchange for restoring him to his full power. After Ren and Rosie pled with him, Zane agrees to restore Ah-Puch to full power if he can take them to the Fire Keeper, obey his every order until freed, not harm or kill him or anyone or the godborns, not start any wars or take back Xib'alb'a from Ixtab and Ah-Puch agrees.

He gives him pieces of the maize Ixtab gave him to strengthen him enough to take them to Cabo San Lucas. Ah-Puch succeed in making a gateway just as the sun rises. But just as they are about to jump in Brooks finds them and sees Ah-Puch. Before he can explain Ah-Puch pulls him in. When they exit it is sundown and Ah-Puch explains he had to take an "under the radar" gateway. Furious at losing a day, Zane berates the god of death when he sees a blue monkey that no one else can. It vanishes and Ah-Puch says he smells something coming at them and they run. They head to the docks and Ah-Ouch steals a boat and they set sail. Soon they see a cloud and Zane throws Fuego at it, releasing a colony of bats. He has Ren hide while he and Rosie fight them off. As he is attacked he creates a smokey net to keep Ren safe. He reluctantly gives Ah-Puch the kern, and eats it. Rosie shoots fire and incinerates the bats, but not before Ah-Puch consumes some of their blood. During this time, the Fire Keeper tells him to fight like a destroyer. As they stare at Ah-Puch, he turns his attention to Ren, who is unharmed and says they were after her. He berates the death god for devouring the bats, but reminds him they are not under his agreement. They return the boat and catch a cab to a a five star hotel, courtesy of the unknowing K'ukumatz's hotel credit, and spent the night in a luxury villa with room service dinner. During dinner Ah-Puch explains that the bats were sent by Camazotz, the Mayan bat god, and Ren explains the gods want her family dead because they have something in them that is not Mayan, but she has a seizure and blacks out before she can tell him more. After Ah-Puch catches her puts her on a couch, the death god tells Zane to surrender to the fire rather than try to control it. He thinks back to the bat attack on the boat wonders if his powers are instinctive rather then voluntary. As Ah-Puch goes out, Zane tries to go with him, but he death god tells him he will slow him down and to rest. He calls his mom and goes to a fire with Rosie to try and speak to the Fire Keeper. An ember emerges and he sees a tourist binder with a listing for a arch shaped rock formation called El Arco and figures he can find it there. He tries to find transportation but everything is closed, soon the blue money returns and offers to take him to El Arco in a canoe, as they head to the arch the monkey turns into a man, who introduces himself as Itzamna, the Mayan god of the moon and writing and creator of the calendar. He informs Zane that he had the Red Queen bring him to Cabo San Lucas to speak with him and that he has been speaking with him, but he is not the Fire Keeper. Itzamna tells Zane he is a fan of his writing and to keep writing his story. He tells Zane his journey to find the Fire Keeper will most likely result in death and that he would not make things easy for the son of Hurakan before vanishing.

As he drifts alone in the Sea of Cortez, Zane uses his godborn leg to propel him toward El Arco. When he arrives, he sees the rock move and throws Fuego at it. It lands and the rock creature sets out a wail of pain. Soon a man arrives and reveals himself as Antonio Marcel De la Vega, the Fire Keeper. Zane recognizes him as Santiago from Venice Beach, and has Zane apologize to Chiquita, the name of the rock formation. They go to his jam pad and he tells Zane he has the eternal flame within him. Before he can ask Antonio to help, he tells Zane it is to late for his father and the godborns, and the forces of the underworld are preparing for Wayeb, five extra days in a month in the Mayan calendar, in four months. Zane then believes Antonio is the one weakening the sobernaturales' powers, he laughs at the accusations saying that the eternal flame is dying because Hurakan is dying. Zane thinks he can feed the fire and Antonio allows him to speak to his father, who says the eternal flame can only be fueled by blood. He offers to give his blood, but Antonio says it has to be blood from Hurakan himself. Zane realizes that with his father dead, the sobernaturals would not have their powers and feels Camazotz is behind it. He then remembers Fuego has some of his father's blood and Antonio urges him to destroy it. Zane is hesitant as their is not certain if it will work but destroys his spear on the off chance it can work. He manages to give the flames a little extra time but feels he sacrificed his spear for nothing. Antonio tells him that he just made a big impact on the future, but he can not tell him what it is. He also warns Zane there is a traitor among his group, at first thinking it to be Ah-Puch but fears it might be Ren. As thanks for giving the eternal flame more time, Antonio gives him the knowledge of the exact location of the godborns in New Mexico and how to get in and out, along with an image of Hurakan being guarded in his prison. Chiquita takes Zane back to Ren and Ah-Puch and he loses his memories along the way. He passes out before they find him. Zane wakes up and tells them to head to New Mexico. Ah-Puch they are under siege by bats and hotel security. After finding Fuego's handle, he remembers everything. He accuses Ren of being a traitor and she says he father's family are descendants of powerful Mexica brujos and that the Mayan gods want them dead. Soon hotel security bursts in with guns pointed at them and the three jump on Rosie and escape but are cornered on a cliff by more guards and a helicopter. Rosie distracts the guards and Ah-Puch tells him to picture a place in New Mexico he knows well and he chooses a mesa near his old house.

As they plummet to the rocks, Ah-Puch tells him to concentrate and Ren somehow slows them down. He does so and they end up by the replica of The Beast Ixtab made. He finds that his old house was destroyed along with his neighbor's houses. Ah-Phch finds a footprint of an Ahuizotl. As he sends the location of the godborns to Ah-Puch, Rosie finds a demon destroying, Brooks’s backpack with the gateway, and a puddle of Hondo's blood. Zane finds one of Brooks's feathers tied to a cow skull and cloapses to his knees. Ren tells him to stay calm and they realize they will be walking into a trap. He touches the feather and is engulfed by shadows from the skull As he is being sucked in, Itzamna tells him to something is going to hurt. When he comes to, Zane is tied up and blindfolded to a wooden post and a female voice who asks him for "the snake." She takes off his blindfold and finds himself in a field with some trees. The woman introduces herself as Gee, a mud person. She calls fourth the missing godborns to demonstrate their powers. During the demonstrations of three godborns - Serena, Louie, and Marco, he is amazed that they can use their full power despite not being claimed. Itzamna tells Zane to look past the darkness. After three demonstrations, Jordan then steps into view and tries to strangle him, however Bird stops his brothers for the time being. They explain how they tracked him to Isla Holbox and used the godborns to lure him to them, Zane tries to find out the rest of their plan, but finds out only that they escaped with someone's help. The twins become worried when he let’s them think he knows their plan but laugh when he brings up Mexica ghosts. They say the son of Hurakan will join them for the sake of Brooks and Hondo. He is then teleported to a building with small cages and sees Brooks with a wounded leg in hawk form and Hondo passed out with a bug gash on his bicep. The twins explain that they want him dead and that only their magic works in this location. As he tries to break out, his hands are stung by scorpions and go numb and toxic gas fills Hondo and Brooks's cages. The twins say only their magic and no other form of Maya magic can open the cages. then reveal it is March 24th, his father's execution day and leave to watch. Soon after they leave and Zane feels a fire forming in him, after remembering wha Ah-Puch tells him he lets the fire out. He manages to control it and melt the concrete behind him but not free himself. He sees that he is is a warehouse filled with old auto parts and the godborns in cages with Marco trying to pick the lock and Camazotz and his minions sleeping over head. A girl in the cage next to him reveals she has no recollection of working with the twins when Ren, Rosie, and Ah-Puch arrive and has Ren, being both a Mayan godborn and a Mexica bruja, unlock the cages with her Mexica shadow magic and succeeds. He frees Brooks but realizes she is stuck in hawk form. Everything goes smoothly until Marco wakes up Camazotz. The bat god corners them and Ah-Puch joins his old friend at his request. They then reveal their plan to use the blood of Hurakan and the godborns to resurrect the Mexica Gods and creative a world where the twins rule and just as Ah-Puch drinks bat blood to temporarily power himself, and attacks with Hondo and Rosie while the godborns hide. However Ah-Puch betrays Camazotz and stabs him before opening up a gateway. However the death god is killed by Camazotz and Zane rushes to his side. When Camazotz takes Ren, he give Ah-Puch the Jaguar Jade to restore his full power. As Ah-Puch regains his full power and threatens Camazotz to let Ren go, he blinds the bat god with a blast of fire. As Ah-Puch frees Ren, who has blacked out, he pushes Zane through the gateway as the godborns flee. They end up in a jungle and Ren, who recovered, tells him it is 11:27 P.M., giving him an idea of who her mom is. As he goes over to Brooks, she snatches the gateway map and flies away. He mounts Rosie to save his dad and reluctantly lets Ren and the godborns come along, with the godborns acting as back up.

As the three reach the pyramid Hurakan is to be executed at, they see a crowd of sobernaturals at the base and see his father surrounded by K'ukumatz, Ixtab, Ixkakaw, Nakon, Alom, Itzamna, and Chaac. They see the twins in red robes and jaguar masks wait for the execution and he has Ren cover them in shadows as camouflage. Soon he sees Jazz and the giant moves in front of them, making them look like his shadow. When Chaac says "dead god", Rosie goes haywire and absorbs her fire. Ren becomes visible to the crowd, but not the gods while no one sees him. A mist covers the crowd and he hears a woman's voice telling him he will fail as Jordan be heads his father. As he runs to the top, Zane sees Brooks as she swoops in and snatches the twin's masks, only for them to be covered in mist and take the forms of bats. Rosie fires at the twins but one attacks Zane and knocks him off the top. However he lands on Brooks as a large hawk and realizes his father is alive and convinces her to face the twins before going to Xib'alb'a to live. As they ready to face the twins, their mother Ixkik' tells them to retreat and Zane that she and her sons will kill him. As the mist clears the gods see him and catch him. He tells them about the twins and they do not believe him until the godborns show up along with Ah-Puch and Hurakan before going to Xib'alb'a.

The second he reaches the underworld he comes back to life and explains everything to the gods just as Pacific arrives. The gods pardon Hurakan, K'ukumatz, and Pacific and have Zane step outside while they talk about things to come. The godborns ask him what happened and he apologizes to them. Soon the gods ask to speak with the godborns and a soon after Hurakan takes Zane to speak with in private. The creator god tells his son that the godborns will be spared and that SHIHOM, the Shaman Institute of Higher-Order Magic, will be reopened to train the godborns and he asked Zane to be a teacher, which he accepts. After this his father mentions he needs to see someone. As he returns home he sees Quinn, who is there to see Brooks, and his mother scolds him for going on this dangerous quest and hugs him. She then gives Zane a new model of Fuego, stronger and turns into a quarter sized jaguar tattoo on on his hand rather then a letter opener. He later asks Quinn why she was undercover in Xib'alb'a, she tells him Saqik'oxol saw something that scared her and sent her undercover to investigate. On his bed is a box of magical paper from Itzamna and chocolate bars from Ixkakaw. That night he has a pizza dinner with his mother, Hondo, Quinn, Brooks, Ren, and Ren's abuelo when Pacific arrives. After the meal he and Ren walk her back to the sea where she explains to her daughter that she has caused some time slips, he remembers the ten hours in Xib'alb'a that passed as two hours in the land of the living and when he saw a waterfall pause for just a second. As Pacific returns home, he thinks of writing down his story.

Later that night, as he and Rosie go for a walk, he realizes that despite being a hellhound, she is still the boxmation he found in the desert. He sees Brooks reading his book and is scared of her opinion and that she know knows of his crush on her. When they come face to face she reveals they used in internet search history to track him to the fake Beast and that she is going to stay with her father, who is sick, along will Quinn, but she will be back by summer. She tells Zane that the message the ancestors gave referred to the Mexica Gods, not to Mayan Gods. Before Brooks leaves, the two try to kiss but are interrupted by Rosie and the throws a fireball into the Caribbean Sea and jumps in when Brooks says he is on fire. He jumps in the sea and watches Brooks fly away.

The Shadow Crosser

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Having spent the last three months tracking down godborns with a demon named Iktan, Zane finds the last one in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. As they hone in on the godborn he wonders why Brooks hasn’t called, he then gets a call from Hondo and Ren telling him the gods moved the start date for SHIHOM to the day after tomorrow and sees Rosie in the background. He then hangs up and gets back to tracking. He is lead to an antique store and sees two hooded figures and red mist. At first he thinks it is twins before realizing it is something else, however Iktan assaults him and as he passes out hears wings coming down to him. He wakes up on a nearby rooftop with Brooks stand over him, begging him to burn the poison out along with the voice of Itzamna. He does so and she hugs him before they set out to find the godborns. He tracks them down to a locked parking lot and they meet up with Quinn. The sisters tell Zane they have been monitoring Iktan for months after learning she was working for Camazotz. As they question what he wants the godborns for, they hear them climbing the fence and make their move. As the twins are cornered, he gives them his usual speech and tells them they are there to help. Through conversation they Lear they have something and their names are Alana and Adrik, and that they are safeguarding something. The twins try to flee but the nawals catch Alana and as he loses sight of Adrik, he sensed Iktan. He finds her with half a dozen other demon that he, Brooks, and Adrik take out. He is poisoned again but gets rid of it and the demon. As Brooks flies him and Adrik away, Brooks is hit with a dart and Quinn carries them all to the gateway. After the twins open the door, they reach the gateway just in time.

When they reach Isla Holbox, he sends an emergency signal to Rosie and the others give Brooks first aid. After Rosie arrives with Ren and Hondo and Brooks is healed. He asks the twins what they were doing in the antique store and if they have any family back in New York. They explain they were left with an aunt they detest while their father, who is in the military, is overseas, but nothing more. After a little convincing they twins agree to go with him and he heads home. He greets his mother and sleeps on the porch with Rosie after his mother gave his room to the twins. Quinn wakes him up and drags him to Xib'alb'a to tell Ixtab about his mission. When he meets the goddess she asks about Adrik and Alana, after describing their abilities she brushes them aside. when her eyes glow blue, he realizes she is the twin's mother. After a brief argument she tells him war is coming and not to tell anyone about his visit to the underworld.

He feels used by the gods again and believes they plan on using the godborns in the war. He watches the twins for any sign of powers, much to there annoyance. They meet on the beach to be taken to SHIHOM. Soon they are surrounded by green mist and are taken to another beach when it clears. Soon three giant turtles arrive and one gives Zane a letter from Ah-Puch telling him the air spirits are on strike and the turtles will take them. After he reads it they sneeze on them. After they clean themselves off, they rise the turtles to SHIHOM, as he and Alana share a turtle he ass her about the antique store. She tells him they were taking back a stone their aunt pawned but they have no idea what it is, only that their father told them to safeguard it. As Ren goes into a trance, a black ooze attacks them. The fail to fight it off as he tells Brooks to save Ren before he and Alana are pulled under. However soon he finds himself on a platform with Hondo and the twins. Camazotz and Ixkik' arrive and demand the stone. After playing everyone says they have it, the bat god throws Alana overboard, only for her to be saved by Brooks and Ren. When the gods arrive they flee, but not before Ixkik' gets the stone.

He passes out and wakes up in his treehouse at SHIHOM with his father. After he learns the others are safe, he is told the claiming ceremony is right now. He showers and changes before Hurakan takes him to the World Tree to tell him that war is coming and the godborns might have to fight. Zane feels that he is sending the godborns to their deaths, but his father reassures him they might not fight at all. As he theorizes how the bat god and blood moon goddess can control the Mexica Gods, and that they have another motive for going after the stone, Ah-Puch arrives. They fill him in as he tells them about Adrik and Alana's stone and writes down their mother's name, shocking the gods. After wondering what it is, the claiming ceremony comes to a close and they go to see the final claiming. They see Saqik'oxol pounding lightning into the twins legs and Ixtab leaving. He sees some of the godborns holding his second book, something he only wanted published if he died. Ah-Puch and his father leave and the sparkstriker approaches him to tell him he should have been there. When he asks why Ixtab left, she say one of the twins is stronger then the other. He sees Ixtab petting Rosie and goes over to them, but the goddesses vanishes before he reaches them. Rosie licks him and they are joined by Hondo, Brooks, and Ren, the last of whom freezes time so they can talk. They tell him they know about the store and the wine god and decide to go to the library to try and learn more. As time starts up again they tell him to leave and show him a chocolate bar with his face on it.

He leaves before time starts up and asks his uncle about the mask. He reveals Quinn gave it to him and they have been dating for the past three months. After he agrees to say he gave it to Hondo he heads back to his treehouse to sleep. As he lays in bed, he hears Marco and a girl, his housemates, arguing before he falls asleep. He dreams his is back in elementary and the Red Queen suddenly appears to tell him that Camazotz and Ixkik' are several steps ahead of the gods and to find a centipede in the jungle and an earth spirit. Before he can ask more she vanishes and Adrik suddenly appears.

Zane wakes up to find Brooks standing over him and he gets ready before they head to the library. He tells her about his dream and that Adrik was actually there. Brooks theorizes he is a dream walker, someone who can communicate with others via their dreams. When he asks about her being a ha'nawal, she explains it is why she can camouflage and that she would be able to breathe underwater if her father hadn’t kept her away from it for so long. They reach the library and she drags him in. They meet up with Hondo and Ren and, after learning Zane can call force any information he wants, he does so and the case around a nearby bookcase unlocks and the search it but come up empty handed, just then Adrik and Alana arrive and reluctantly tell them about the stone. They say it is a key that unlocks magical barriers and they theorize that the blood moon goddess and bat god want to sneak in to SHIHOM and kill them all in their sleep, but he and Hondo feel they want to kill them while they are awake and alert. Just then Itzamna arrives. The god collapses in front of them and teleports them to the World Tree to show that all the god's lights have dimmed greatly as the gods have been placed in a slumber. He theorizes that Akan's death was used to resurrect a Mexica god of sleep and believes they will attack the roots. Ren mentions her mother's time rope could help if she could give it to them. Soon Rosie starts to get antsy and runs away, he goes after her.

Zane is brought to an orange greenhouse and encounters an earth spirit who accuses him of spying for his sister. He say he is not a spy and he believes him after seeing Rosie. The earth spirit blows powder on him to get him to tell the truth, but the son of Hurakan laughs historically instead. After giving him an antidote, the earth spirit realizes he is a godborn and apologizes before introducing himself as Kip. He remembers the Red Queen's message and asks him about the centipede. Kip leads him to a labyrinth like path and tells Zane to focus on his worst worries at that moment. He heads out thinking about his worries and they subside slightly. Zane reached a cave and starts to see his memories since know about the gods. He sees his first meeting with Pacific, entering the Old World to fight Ah-Puch, escaping the bat god in the junkyard. He reaches a dead end reflects on the memories when he hears Ah-Puch's voice coming out of a centipede. He tells the son of Hurakan that Tlaltecuhtli has been awakened and is eating the gods. Ah-Puch tells him to run and not to save the gods, as it will play into their enemies hands. He tries to get more but the death god only tells him Ren might be able to do something before he goes quiet. The centipede attacks him, saying something about K'iin can only be seen by the dead before he kills it. He returns to Kip and Rosie and explains what he saw. When he asks about K'iin, the earth spirit is reluctant to talk but he vaguely promises the god a new greenhouse and he talks. He explains that Pacific created K'iin, a calendar that tracks the time of the universe and see into other dimensions. He says that if Zane finds it he will have to make a sacrifice. Soon a storm breaks out and Kip vanishes while he and Rosie head back to the school.

He returns to find Marco and another godborn fighting and Louie is the cause of the storm. He tries to stop the fight but gets punched in the face. A food fight breaks out but stops when Hondo arrives. The godborns leave, with the exception of Marco and Louie, as Brooks, Ren and the twins arrive. He fills them in on what he learned and the danger they are in, but withholds the statement about Ren as he wants to tell her in private, and the sons of Nakon and Chaac tell them about their dreams about their fathers. Zane feels their is more to it and thinks they should find K'iin. After he tells the godborns they are left in shock, he decides to check the Crystal Caves to see if the calendar exists and leaves Marco in charge of defending SHIHOM and the world tree. As he sees Ren fiddling with her watch he understands what Ah-Puch meant, that Ren can freeze time to allow them to get in. They meet up in the library and he informs Hondo of their plans, but tells his uncle to stay and train the godborns. When they ask about the caves, Saás says they will most likely die if they don't enter in the right angle. Soon Itzamna arrives with news that the World Tree is under attack and everyone must leave, he gives Zane his sunglasses to communicate with him. Zane decides to head to the cave with Ren, Louie, and Alana while Adrik leads the others to a safe house in Montana. They leaves, but end up at the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland by accident. They soon head out again.

They reach the caves and puts on the moon god's sunglasses for help. Soon Ren's watch starts to connect to the time rope. They follow it until they reach a hole and go after the daughter of Pacific after she slides down. He sees an underwater world and a ghost grabs him. He emerges to find Ren struggling with the thread and he offers to help. However she declines saying she is the only one who can touch it without dying. After she reveals she was waiting for him for half an hour, several ghosts and a giant arrive. Ren introduces the two and upon learning that the giant is Sapacna, gets ready to fight before Ren stops him and tells Zane the real story. The son of Hurakan asks for the rope, he says he cannot give it to them but will not interfere if they continue. Just then Louie and Alana arrive and Ren gets dragged off by the time thread. They catch up to Ren as the thread creates a portal and they, excluding the giant, enter. As they walk, ribbons with their destinies on them hover above their heads and Itzamna tells them not to touch them. They reach six statues of god's holding blue orbs with writing on them, however the son of Hurakan feels it isn't their and something appears on his left. He sees something under the sand on the floor and they clean it off to reveal a mural of the Mayan constellations. After seeing Orion is missing a star and Ren recites they Mayan story associated with the constellation, he realizes that the world can be saved with a story. When Ren presses her watch on the mural he thinks he found K'iin. The scene shifts to funhouse mirrors and the calendar itself asks talks to them, it says that if they want it know where the gods are, one will have to ask and another will have to pay the price. Ren is chosen to ask while he is chose to pay. After the daughter of Pacific asks where the gods are, they shown a picture of Venice Beach. K'iin then demands his blood as payment, Ren offers part of her watch payment, but K'iin says she will pay in the future. However he accidentally touches his destiny thread and alters it, which K'iin accepts as payment. After the others argue the calendar reveals the gods are stuck in 1987.

He becomes frustrated after realizes Ah-Puch withheld the fact that the gods were trapped in the eighties and the floor gives way and they fall. However they grab a ledge and Alana makes contact with her brother, who tells them everyone is safe in Montana and that Zane's mother is joining them. The daughter of Ixtab tells everyone to think of Montana and, after a detour to a pizzeria, they end up in a bullpen. He whips up a smokescreen and Ren freezes time to allow them to escape. They make their way to a large mansion sized log cabin and explain everything to Hondo, Brooks, and Marco as Alana and Louie leave. As they wonder how they can get to 1987, he sees Ren's watch and summons Itzamna, who explains it is possible to go back in time, but they need someone to act as an anchor to the present, a Shadow Crosser, and to interact with as little as possible. After his uncle and Marco agree to act as shadow crossers, his mother arrives and they hug while she understands he has to go. Later as the others eat burgers, he walks into the trees and Brooks arrives, however she's quickly morphs into Marco, much to the son of Hurakan's annoyance. The son of Nakon tells him to lie to the godborns to protect them, but Zane feels he lied to them enough already and doesn’t want to give them false hope. However when he tells the godborns they feel abandoned and betrayed by their parents and, after a girl Zane saw in the junkyard guarded Zotz suggests they take out the remaining gods and rule the universe, most agree. In the morning he, Brooks, Hondo, Ren, Alana, Adrik, Rosie, and Marco go to the barn and are about to head to the Old World. However Zane's mother storms in after Louie revealed they were going to the past and scolds him before hugging him goodbye. They arrive at the Old World and after Ren creates the rope and hands it to his uncle, Itzamna tells them they only have twenty-four hours to find the gods and get out of the eighties or be trapped in the past. As they get ready, he, Brooks, Ren, Adrik, Rosie, and Marco head to the past.

They arrive in 1987 and discover the gods are being held at Jordan and Bird’s old address. Marco theorizes the gods are imprisoned in an object and the twins don't realize they have the gods. After Brooks reveals Jazz was alive during this time and seek out his help, intending for Adrik to erase his memories of helping them. They arrive at his house and see him. However Jazz gets started and attacks them. Zane is knocked out and they go inside where Brooks tells Jazz they are magicians and ask him to help sneak onto the twin's yacht, as they think that is where the gods are. Jazz agrees and gives them Obi-Wan Kenobi costumes, as it is a Star Wars themed party. He goes to check on Marco, who is guarding the time rope, only to find him gone. Brooks says he is an ally before they head to the party. As Jazz takes them out he summons fire to prove he is a magician. As they get close they sneak on board the stern as everyone is on the bow watching Prince arrive. They sneak into a ballroom and Rosie sniffs out a painting and realest a blue mist. When it clears the painting is gone and they hear someone coming as Ren blocks the doorway. He sees an aquarium with something chained in it where the painting was and realizes it is Tlaltecuhtli. When the devourer points to a catwalk, he and Brooks go up and he cuts the netting before diving in, the devouerer reveals she has the gods inside her and Ixkik' double crossed her. He frees her and she says their is an exit a few hundred feet down, bushes can't swim that far. He relays the information to Brooks, who chooses to go with the Mexica goddess. She kisses Zane and dives in before the twins break down the barrier. He tells the others to run as he fights them and tries not to kill them. However he unintentionally spears Jordan in the chest. He sees Bird heal Jordan as Rosie drags him to the boat as Brooks surfaces with the Devourer and leaves as the twins arrive. Adrik says he needs to get closer to erase the twin's memories and he and Brooks do what they can and seemingly succeed. However when they get to shore they don't see Marco. They find him buried in the sand and erase Jazz's memory of the rescue mission before returning to the present. They find Saqik'oxol with Hondo and Zane takes the rope from him before it burns into the sand. He takes off his uncle's mast to reveal Hondo has aged drastically in the past few hours. The sparkstriker reveals the World Tree is under attack and she summons her army to defend it.

They arrive at his father's treehouse to find the jungle burning and the records in the library being burned and sees Itzamna fall in battle trying to save them. The sparkstriker leaves to fight while Brooks and Ren look for a pair of teenage gods that were regurgitated and Rosie looks for Ixtab. The devourer says that if Zane, Adrik, and Marco heal her, she can heal Hondo. They agree, but when they do the Mexica goddess regurgitates a teenage Camazotz. The bat god passes out and he keeps Marco from killing him, they look over to find the Devourer, now in the form of a woman, heal his uncle before vanishing. The son of Hurakan hugs his uncle, who explains Ixkik' betrayed the bat god so that Jordan could be king of the sobernaturals. Zane thinks there is more to it and they head out. However before they do Ren and Rosie return with a teenage Pacific and Ah-Puch. When he notices Brooks isn't with them, Ren explains she went out to look for Quinn. Soon Ixkik' projects her voice and tells Zane her forces are hunting down the gods as they speak and that Jordan is now the king of the sobrenaturals with Quinn as his queen. Ah-Puch mentions she doesn't know that some of the gods are awake so they have some advantage. She then demands that Zane come to the World Tree. They think of what to do next as two lights on the World Tree go out. Pacific tells Zane to touch a vine so that he can take to her. He tries to talk terms with Ixkik' but only manages to get her to spare gods a little longer. He agrees to tern himself in and the others question what she wants him for. As he heads out the others agree to find as many gods as they can and he sees a bright flash of gold light.

He arrives at the tree to find the hero twins with Itzamna in chains. Ixkik' demand Zane surrender to her after she torches the jungle and kills two more gods, Zane agrees but only if she spares the gods and lets his friends go. She agrees to his terms and has Quinn escort them out. Quinn then demands that her sister be freed, but the goddess denies her demand. Just then Marco emerges from the jungle masquerading as a second Zane and tries to confuse the enemy. He surrounds them with fire as the twins lunge forward. The son of Nakon explains how the others have a plan as a storm suddenly comes out of nowhere and shadows attack demons. He then hears Hurakan telling him to take out Ixkik' once she is in a physical form. He runs into the jungle as Ixkik’ goes after him. When she traps him she reveals that Zane, with the power of the dragon, is capable of rewriting the preserved history in the minds of sobrenaturals, and will enough Mayan history already erased she can have Zane make it as if Jordan was in charge of the cosmos the entire time and the sobrenaturals will think her sons are the heroes and the gods and godborns are villains. He refuses and she teleports them to ruins where she takes a physical form. As Zane readies to kill her, he stops in shock when she is revealed to have no face. The pelts her with flames and throws Fuego at him. However she is unharmed by the attack and reveals that she was at the party that night he crashed it and she contorts her face to resemble Iktan, revealing she knew about the move up for the start date for SHIHOM when he did. She again demands that he rewrite history and he refuses. After he does she has Jordan bring in his mother. He finally agrees to do it just as Bird arrives, but only if his friends and family and the gods are unharmed. She agrees to this but decides to take his mother's face as revenge for ruining her son's futures. Zane then attacks them and his mother manages to escape. As Jordan lunges at him, he sees Ren sneak up from behind with the time rope to try and lasso the enemy. However when Ixkik' notices she catches the rope and gets burned, she releases it just as Brooks and a teenaged Hurakan pick up Bird and fly away. He catches the rope on the second attend and wraps it around Jordan and Ixkik' just as they are about the be banished forever into a time loop. However the demon goddess ensnares his wrist in the rope and drags him along. Fortunately he is saved by his mother. She hugs him and Itzama, Hurakan, Ixtab, Hondo, and the others come in and congratulate him as they explain their plan. The gods ask to speak with him alone and they explain that five godborns have went rogue and and that he is the only one who can write down what was lost. As Ah-Puch organizes a party, he gets to work and when Ixtab comes to say goodbye two weeks into his task, she returns Rosie to her original form with the ability to change from dog to hellhound at will, much to the son of Hurakan's joy. He and Rosie join the party and he is greeted by Pacific as he sees his friends dancing. After he mentions touching his destiny thread, she tells him it is for the best as a Brooks walks up to them. As she pets Rosie she questions if their kiss back in 1987 counted. As they discuss it the son of Hurakan kisses her and they go to dance.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

Cave of Doom

Two days after returning to Isla Holbox from the Shaman Institute of Higher-Order Magic, he and Brooks are having lunch when his uncle approaches them to vent about a one star review of Maya Journeys by Bartholomew Butts III, saying he was led up an unstable town in a rainstorm on Isla Pájaros and claims to have seen an album alligator with a human face. He says he told the tour guide, but no one believed him. Hondo tells Zane and Brooks to investigate as he has to pack for a trip he is taking with his girlfriend Quinn to Mount Kilimanjaro where he plans to propose. The son of Hurakan says goodbye to Rosie before he and Brooks go to investigate.

As they fly to the island, he struggles with telling Brooks that he is leaving the following week to help his father regain an adult form. When they see a storm over the island, Brooks starts to fly faster as Zane struggles to stay on, seeing a boy on a unicorn as they zoom to the island. When they arrive, Brooks hears the birds warning them as Zane hears nothing. As Brooks notices the birds have no eyes, a storm appears over the island and separates the two. The wind dies down and they fall. Zane sees symbols on the walls before landing on a ledge, looking down he throws a fireball and sees dozens of viper boas, looking up he sees Brooks on another ledge. She tells him the birds were calling them a threat and her arm is sprained and there is no service, with the only way out is to climb down. Zane agrees and they start climbing. He drops his phone, but hears it buzz when they reach the bottom. After finding two tunnels, they go into the one on the left and start to hear a baby's cry. Suddenly it stops and they see a figure approaching them, another Zane Obispo. As the son of Hurakan inspects his shadowy double, he throws fire and Fuego at it to no effect. It slashes Zane's arm as Brooks is able to disintegrate it with her shrieks, turning it into a pile of scales. Brooks reveals her arm is healed and they fly out and onto a beach on Isla Holbox. Zane signals for Rosie and tells her to get Ixtab.

As he tells Brooks he believes that thing in the cave was not Mayan, the Queen of Xib'alb'a arrives and demands Zane show her. After she does she says it is nothing of their concern but they know she is withholding something from them. Ixtab agrees to tell them if they agree to keep this information to themselves under threat of half a year in the Underworld. They agree but she only tells them the gods fought monsters before time began and imprisoned them deep in the Earth, with the symbol meaning hope. She refuses to say more, but agrees to have it looked into when he says a human saw it. Before leaving, she informs Brooks that Zane will be spending time with his father the following week. When the goddess leaves, Brooks asks Zane why he did not tell her about spending time with his dad. He says he just wanted to spend a normal week with her and she agrees to it, but he wants to return to Pájaros to investigate as Ixtab never said it was not a demon and never barred them from returning. Brooks says she won't let him, but Zane convinces her by saying Ixtab could cover the whole thing up and she agrees to a flyover.

When they do a flyover, everything seems normal but Zane asks to get a closer look. Brooks reluctantly gets closer as they see normal birds this time and spot a demon digging something up. After it leaves, Zane lands to investigate and finds a stone box buried in the sand. He opens it to find a black shell with the symbol etched into it with gold strands on the bottom. He inspects the lid to see two demons have a party and a pair of familiar eyes. Brooks realizes the eyes are the same as what they faced in the cave as three demons appear. They sneak into the Caribbean Sea and Brooks drags them back to Isla Holbox. Zane thinks the eyes look like alien eyes as he realizes they are from Eyes in the Sky, a blog on extraterrestrial life by Ren Santiago. After theorizing that demons might be part-alien, Zane calls Ren and leaves a message.


Zane Obispo is a tall Hispanic teenage boy with dark hair and brown eyes with an olive complex. His right leg, his serpent leg, is shorter than the left, in addition his right foot is two sizes smaller than his left foot. He originally stood at five foot nine inches, but grew two inches taller to five feet eleven inches by the time of the events in The Fire Keeper. By The Shadow Crosser he is over six feet.

After agreeing to serve Ah-Puch, Zane receives a skull tattoo on his inner wrist to symbolize his loyalty to the death god. Later he plunges his tattooed wrist into the water and the top half was eaten away by flesh eating fish. The mark has vanished by the time he faces the death god.

In the Empty, Zane takes the form of a jaguar with claws and spots.

After undergoing the Death Ceremony, Zane becomes deathly pale with sunken eyes with dark circles around them and green veins. He has this appearance for the next seventy-two hours before reverting back to his original appearance.


Zane is an adventurous and courageous boy. He has a strong desire to keep his loved ones safe from harm and feels devastated when he fails. He is also determined, as he goes to great lengths to save his dad. Zane feels it is best to be honest with people rather than lie to them.

He has a short fuse at times, growing impatient when others take too long in explaining things.


  • Wrestling: Zane knows some wrestling moves taught to him by his uncle.
  • Spanish: Zane knows some words in Spanish, whether he is fluent or not is currently unknown.
  • Swimming: Zane is shown to be a strong swimmer, as he was able to swim through an underwater tunnel while carrying Brooks.
  • Dreams: Zane has visions of people and events from faraway, such as Ms. Cab when he is not in New Mexico.
  • Polearmsmanship: Zane is skilled with a spear, having trained with Fuego for months.
  • Power of the Dragon: After meeting up with Itzamna in Cabo San Lucas, the god gives the son of Hurakan the ability to call forth help when he is in the library at the Shaman Institute of Higher-Order Magic. In actuality, the power gives him the ability to rewrite the memory of history within sobrenaturals to whatever he writes as fact, be it real or not.

  • Night Vision: Zane has perfect vision in the dark.
  • Telepathy: Due to being half-god, Zane can both read the thoughts of and project his thoughts to those closest to him, as well as when in physical contact with other godborns.
  • Toxikinesis Resistance: Due to his supernatural heritage, Zane is able to survive some supernatural poisons.
  • Spirit-Jumping: Due to the Jaguar Jade, Zane is able to spirit jump, astral project his spirit, into the Empty.
  • Pyrokinesis: Zane inherited his father's affiliation for fire.
    • Fire Immunity: Due to being the son of Hurakan, Zane is immune to fire.
    • Heat Sensing: Zane is able to sense heat sources that are near by, such as the deep fryers at the In N’ Out Burger in Yuma.
    • Fire Generation: Zane can generate fire, as shown during his fight with Ah-Puch.
    • Pyrokinetic Healing: Zane can heal himself when in contact with fire.
  • Typhokinesis: Zane can generate and control smoke, forming a Smokey net to keep Ren safe when they are attacked by bats in Cabo San Lucas and shielding Hondo from bats at the twin's warehouse.
  • Superhuman Speed: Zane can move at lightning fast speed, such as swimming across the Sea of Cortez in minutes and climb the pyramid his father is to be executed on in seconds.
  • Godborn Tracking: Zane can track other godborns.

  • Magical Items

    • Jaguar Jade Tooth: Zane was given a tooth made from jaguar jade, an ancient magic that can be bestowed with any power when passed on, from his father that allows him to communicate with the storm god. When entering the Old World, Zane loses the tooth but it is found and returned by Brooks. In The Fire Keeper, he gives it to Ah-Puch so he can save Ren Santiago from Camazotz.
    • Fuego: Given to him by Saqik'oxol, the indestructible silver cane with a jade handle that can hide his limp and turn into a spear. Zane named it Fuego because it was as fast as fire, it can return to him when called. When not a weapon, it turned into a letter opener which Zane wore in his sock.[2] Seven months later he destroyed it to feed the eternal flame, however Hurakan gives him a new spear that turns into a quarter sized tattoo on his hand. The newer Fuego travels twice as fast as the original.
    • Smartphone: Zane's mother got him a smartphone to keep in touch as he searches for godborns.
    • iPad: Zane's mother gave him an iPad to keep up with his schoolwork as he searched for godborns.


    Love Interest


    Brooks, his girlfriend.

    When first seeing her, Zane found her attractive. However, he became uneasy when Ms. Cab told him that Nawals were tricksters. This did not change as during their quest the two grew closer and became good friends. During their quest, Zane came to trust Brooks greatly.

    He greatly cares for her and tries to avoid hurting Brooks. During a bonfire he nearly kissed her, but lost the opportunity. During the quest to save Hurakan, she expressed concern for Zane going through with the Death Ceremony. After the quest succeeds he is saddened to hear that Brooks will leave to care for her ailing father. The two nearly kiss before she leaves, but Rosie interrupts.

    Three months later as she and Quinn were tailing him, she brings him to a rooftop after the demon he was traveling with double crosses him. After he burns the poison out of his system she hugs him. As they free Tlaltecuhtli, she kisses him before diving under with the goddess.

    During the party to celebrate the defeat of the hero twins and Ixkik' they talk about the kiss before he kisses her again and they go to dance.

    A few weeks later, the son of Hurakan struggles to tell her that he is leaving to help his father regain his adult form.


    Zane is close with his mother, he cares for her but at the same time feels she is keeping too many secrets from him. While he was head to the twins, he asked Ms. Cab how she was doing. When he went of to save Hurakan, he left her a note and called her leaving a message when he was in Cabo San Lucas. He felt guilty sneaking away from her when ever he went on a quest.

    Hondo Obispo, his uncle.

    While Zane cares for his maternal uncle, the son of Hurakan feels that he slacks off from time to time and leaves the hard work to his mother, which angers him.

    Most of the time however, Zane sees Hondo as a surrogate older brother due to the both of them being close in age.

    When Zane set out to free himself from Ah-Puch's control, he accompanied his nephew without a second thought, showing the strong bond the two have.

    During Zane's quest to find his father Hondo showed concern for his nephew, threatening the queen of Xib'alb'a if the Death Ceremony backfired and worried when the son of Hurakan underwent the ceremony.

    Hurakan, his father.

    For his entire life, Zane questioned who his father was. When he finally learned his father was one of the Mayan creator gods, he became enraged that he did little to nothing to stop him from freeing Ah-Puch and that the only time he contacted him was after he released the death god.

    After Hurakan claimed him in the Old World, he was saddened to see him get chained up and sentenced to death. After his family was relocated to Isla Holbox, he makes a plan to free his father, showing a loving side for the creator god. He would spend the next seven months learning what ever he can throw messages from Jazz.

    After learning he was held as a water park in Rapid City, South Dakota, Zane set out with a small group to save him. When he was saved and pardoned by the gods, Hurakan complemented his son on the feat and outing the twin's plan.


    Rosie, Zane’s dog when she was alive.

    After he found Rosie wondering the desert, Zane immediately grew attached to her due to both of them have problems with a leg. After Rosie sacrificed herself against a Demon Runner to save Zane, he was saddened. Days later he was surprised to see her as a hellhound. Their shared affection help trick the gods into thinking he was dead. Despite her being a hellhound, their connection and bond has not changed.

    In the months between stopping Ah-Puch and rescuing Hurakan, Rosie has somewhat distanced herself from Zane, with the son of Hurakan feeling she blames him for dying and becoming a hellhound. However this false and nothing has truly changed between the two.

    After he left to recruit more godborns, Rosie missed him and was exited when he returned home. After she was given the ability to change between her original form and her hellhound form, both Rose and the son of Hurakan were overjoyed.

    Unknown to the son of Hurakan, the seer has been looking out for him his entire life. He was close to her in return and acted as her assistant for calls. When she became a chicken, he promised he would turn her human again.

    Zane was close with his neighbor and helped him with his greenhouse. Mr. Ortiz also cares for Zane, going as far as to give him La Muerte, the hottest pepper in the world, instead of putting it in the Guinness Book of World Records. When he and Ms. Cab visit him in Isla Holbox he is thrilled.

    Ren Santiago, his friend and trainee.

    At first Zane was confused upon seeing Ren, and somewhat freaked out that she knew so much about him. After discovering she was a godborn, he was unsure what to make of the younger girl and what to do with her.

    During the quest to save his father, the two looked out for each other and she convinced Zane to take a chance with Ah-Puch for the sake of the mission. In return the son of Hurakan provided someone for her to confide in about her fears of the gods killing Ren due to her mixed Mexica-Maya heritage.

    As the son of Hurakan looked for ways to stop Ixkik' and rescue the gods, he chose her to go with him both to look for K'iin and to find the gods in 1987.

    Marco, a godborn he has quested with.

    Marco was among the godborns kidnapped by Jordan and Bird. At first, the son of Hurakan thought that the son of Nakon was impulsive and quickly to anger, as he woke up Camazotz when their escape was almost successful and unnoticed. Three months later he is annoyed by Marco's habit shapeshifting into other people, namely Brooks.

    However, Zane is impressed that he was willing to risk his own life and sanity for his sake, such as when he impersonated a double of Zane to trick Ixkik' and held onto the Time Rope for almost a day despite the voices trying to get him to let go. After the hero twins and their mother are defeated, Zane sees Marco as a valuable ally.

    Despite the son of Chaak's shyness and self doubts into his own abilities, Zane trusts that Louie can handle himself in dangerous situations. He chooses Louie to accompany him in finding K'iin and reassures him that he can do what he is asked. After Zane surrenders to Ixkik', he creates a storm that changes from lightning to blizzard to hurricane every few seconds to fend of Blood Moon's forces, showing how Zane helped boost his confidence.


    Ah-Puch, the god of death and Zane's enemy turned ally.

    At first Zane saw Ah-Puch as the enemy. As the son of Hurakan was tricked into serving him in order to save Brooks and Rosie from death. During his quest to stop the death god before joining him, he would track Zane with the skull mark on his wrist until Zane destroyed the tattoo by having a carnivorous fish eat it. He eventually trapped the death god in a fiery vortex in the Empty, freeing himself from his service.

    However Zane was shocked to find him seven months later in San Miguel de Allende as a withered old man and reluctantly allowed Ah-Puch to help him get to the Fire Keeper. During the three days they spent together, Zane gained a new respect for Ah-Puch, listening to his advice on surrendering to the fire in order to control it, which turned out to be the key. When the death god was gravely injured fighting Camazotz, Zane gave him the maize, the thing that would return him to Xib'alb'a to undo the affects of the Death Ceremony, to allow him to regain his full power to save Ren. This decision turned out well in the long run, as Ah-Puch used his restored power to save Hurakan.

    Ixtab, the ruler of Xib’alb’a.

    At first, Zane thought Ixtab was a malevolent goddess who wanted him dead. However after learning she worked with his father to give him a fighting chance against Ah-Puch, he saw her as a helpful and kind woman.

    However months later when he learns she actually trapped him on Isla Holbox, he became enraged with the goddess and felt betrayed. However by the time he saved his father he saw her as a kind and caring figure again.

    After he learned that Adrik and Alana were her children, he was enraged that she used him. However after Ixkik’ and the hero twins are defeated, she rewards him by allowing Rosie to change between dog and hellhound at will, much to his joy.

    Camazotz, the god of bats.

    During their first encounter, the son of Hurakan did everything in his power to avoid a confrontation with him to no avail. During the fight he feared for his friends lives.

    During their second encounter he tried and failed to keep the Entry Stone away from him, listening to the bat god's mocking as he did so.

    After Ixkik' is defeated, he is exited to hear that the bat god and Bird are imprisoned.

    Zane hates and fears the goddess of the blood moon. The son of Hurakan hate how she is always multiple steps ahead of him and his surprised and horrified to learn she spent three months with him as Iktan and threatening to kill his mother if he doesn't rewrite history in her son's favor. He is relieved when she and Jordan are trapped in a time loop and failed to take him with them.


    • Zane is a name of Hebrew origin meaning gift from God.
    • Obispo is Spanish for bishop.


    • Zane is the second Rick Riordan, and the first Rick Riordan Presents, P.O.V. character to swear openly. The first being Magnus Chase.
    • He has perfect eyesight.
    • Zane's condition of different length legs is called leg length discrepancy. This is normally caused, in real life, by two of the following conditions:
      • A crooked pelvis.
      • Eb's Palsy, a condition inching an appendage stops growing or grows at a slower rate than the rest of the body due to nerves damage.
    • His birthday is in December.
    • Zane has cut class seventeen times.
    • His mother often drags him to church to confess his sins.
    • Zane is tolerant of scorpions and tarantulas, but hates centipedes.



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