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Zia Rashid's Tomb is a small tomb that once held Zia Rashid and is located in the ruins of her home village.


On the outside, the tomb is described as a rectangular pit about the size of a walk-in closet lined with stone blocks. Steps lead down to a stone door etched with hieroglyphs. The largest is the symbol for the House of Life with more hieroglyphs writing out Zia's name beneath it.

On the inside, the tomb is a single square chamber with a watery sarcophagus on a stone dais containing the slumbering Zia Rashid and Nephthys. The sarcophagus' current repeatedly traces the hieroglyph for Nephthys. The power of Ra's Crook and Flail protect it from Apophis even though the Chaos serpent knows its location. Egyptian art decorates the walls of the tomb.


After Zia Rashid becomes the host of the goddess Nephthys, the Chief Lector Iskandar takes Zia to the ruins of her home village and places her in this tomb in the center of it for her own protection. Iskandar puts both Zia and Nephthys into an enchanted sleep protected by a watery sarcophagus and holding the Crook and Flail of Ra. As a result, even though Apophis becomes aware of her location, he is unable to attack her. For extra protection, Nephthys calls upon the Nile River to cover the tomb and summons three Water Demons to act as protectors.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

After learning from Apophis and Set that Zia is located in the ruins of her home village, Carter Kane and Bes seek it out. Finding the Nile covering the ruins, the two search through the shallows with sticks before Carter eventually finds the stairs leading into the tomb. Bes orders Carter to part the river, but the young combat magician doesn't know how. The two are attacked by the water demons, but Carter manages to channel the power of Horus, releasing a massive telekinetic blast that parts the river and vaporizes the demons.

Entering the tomb, Carter finds Zia in her watery sarcophagus and Bes is surprised to see the symbol of Nephthys as he didn't know that Zia was a godling. Bes notes that while having a water goddess use a fire magician as an host is a bad combination, he also notes that the combination of fire over water could mask Zia's powers. Bes is shocked to recognize the crook and flail that Zia is holding as Ra's, but he realizes that the power of the weapons protected Zia from Chaos, preventing Apophis from attacking her. However, Bes warns Carter that breaking the sarcophagus would also break the spells shielding her, making Zia an easier target which is possibly the reason that Apophis led Carter to her.

Touching the sarcophagus, Carter is able to sense Zia's thoughts and discovers that she's trapped in a nightmare of drowning and Apophis showing her over and over again the destruction of her village. Realizing that Zia's sanity is in danger of crumbling, Carter breaks the sarcophagus, freeing Zia and breaking the protective spells that Iskandar had cast over the tomb. Immediately, Zia's body begins rejecting Nephthys' spirit and Carter and Bes carry her outside where the goddess is released into the Nile.

After Zia awakens, she sits on the steps of her own tomb while Carter explains the events of the past three months to her. Bes brings Zia's staff and wand out of the tomb at Carter's request as well as the crook and flail, albeit reluctantly in the latter case. Carter tries convince Zia that Iskandar had put her in the tomb in order to protect her, but Zia has trouble believing it. When Carter summons a combat avatar, he swings the flail at the ground to test its power, pulverizing the stone steps of the tomb and sending blocks of stone flying.

The Serpent's Shadow

Zia tells Carter that she nearly went insane during her three month long nightmare in the tomb.


  • It is unclear if this tomb already existed and was repurposed by Iskandar of if he created it solely for the purpose of protecting Zia.
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